ImperialHal explains biggest mistake Horizon mains keep making in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has given Horizon mains some advice, saying that many players use her Gravity Lift tactical in the wrong situations during encounters.

ImperialHal is no stranger to giving opinions on current meta weapons or characters on stream to those who watch him play Apex Legends.

A recent clip of Hal shows the Apex Legends pro giving advice surrounding one of the game’s most popular Legends, Horizon.

Specifically, he mentions that players shouldn’t be so aggressive with Horizon’s tactical ability and instead use it more strategically after a fight is underway.

ImperialHal’s advice for Horizon mains

Apex Legends Season 12 Horizon
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Horizon has remained a popular Attack Legend to use thanks to her strong tactical ability that gives players a ton of positioning options during fights.

The clip begins with a member of Hal’s chat asking for tips for playing the space-fairing Attack Legend and the streamer quickly begins talking about his past experience playing the character.

“It just depends. I always say never initiate because…my worst mistake I always [made] on Horizon was I would always start a fight with her [tactical] instead of using it after the initial contact.”

Hal goes on to explain that using Horizon’s Gravity Lift tactical naturally depends on the situation, but using it to start a fight rarely leads to a good outcome.

While her tactical is incredibly useful for positioning and mobility, the streamer explains using it at the start of a fight draws too much attention and that players will likely “just get focused so hard out of the air.”

It’s true that using Horizon’s tactical makes players stand out due to the loud noise and visual effects it generates, which will almost certainly draw enemy attention in a fight.

That means using Horizon’s tactical to reposition, aid teammates, or retreat from a fight is likely going to be the better option in most encounters.

Additionally, combining Horizon’s personal lift with her Black Hole Ultimate can certainly throw enemy players for a loop.

While Horizon is strong enough that some pros even want her removed entirely, Hal makes it clear that it certainly takes skill to use Horizon’s unique kit effectively.

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