ImperialHal claims Apex Legends would be “unplayable” without Seer’s scan meta

ImperialHal in front of Seer in Apex LegendsTSM/Respawn

Apex Legends star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes Apex Legends would be “unplayable” if the scan meta didn’t exist, given all the audio issues currently plaguing the game. 

There have been plenty of divisive metas in Apex Legends over the years, but the conversation around the scan meta has never gone away – even if the legends aren’t as strong as they once were. 

Upon release, Seer caused frustration in the Apex Legends fanbase, with fans demanding an immediate nerf. That didn’t happen, but he has been balanced out over the last few seasons. 

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The scan meta has made a bit of a return in Season 16, especially as Catalyst has become a crutch pick for some pro squads. While it remains divisive, ImperialHal believes the game would be “unplayable” without it. 

ImperialHal says Apex Legends would be “unplayable” without scan meta

The TSM star feels that way because of the number of audio issues that are currently plaguing the battle royale, as teams are getting jumped on by silent enemies. 

“It’s actually funny how bad the game is when you don’t have Seer because of the audio,” Hal said during a recent stream. 

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“Actually, I think this game would literally be unplayable without Seer being a thing and no audio. You’re practically forced to play a scan character so you have actual information because the audio is just not there.”

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The pick rates of some scan characters – Seer, Bloodhound, and Valkyrie being the main three – have actually dropped in more casual play by a fair margin.

All three are still being used quite a bit in pro competition, and even if Respawn does address the audio issues, they’d likely still get some love. The overall scan meta would just take a slight backseat until players need it again.

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