ImperialHal begs Apex Legends devs to finally fix “RNG” glitch after months of silence

imperial-hal-apex-legends-ultimate-glitchRespawn / TSM

Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen is begging Respawn to finally fix an “RNG” glitch in Apex Legends that is causing ultimate abilities to disappear, claiming teams are “getting robbed” because of it.

ImperialHal is no stranger to voicing his opinion on issues with Apex Legends. In November 2021, he criticized the new Storm Point map and vented his frustration about cheaters ruining ranked play and tournaments.

A month earlier, he described the ALGS points system as “horrendous” and revealed fears about the newest legend, Ash, being overpowered.

Now, he’s turned his attention to a glitch that has been causing players’ ultimate abilities to disappear for a while now. He described it as adding an unwanted element of “RNG” and begged the developers to finally fix it.

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Ultimate abilities in Apex Legends can make or break a team fight.

“We play an esport where it’s practically RNG whether or not your ultimate ability disappears,” said ImperialHal. “[It affects] characters ranging from Gibby, Caustic, Wraith, etc. When will this sh*t be fixed?

“Talented teams are getting robbed because of these things. [They] have been in the game for a while now. Imagine me competing for a possible 1 million dollars, a.k.a life-changing money, and sh*t like this happens. It shouldn’t be a thing.”

He included a video in his post to demonstrate his point. It shows a Wraith player using the Dimensional Rift ultimate in the middle of an important fight, only to see it suddenly disappear at a crucial moment.

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It’s not the first time ImperialHal has talked about the glitch. He mentioned it once before in October 2021 and told the developers: “This needs to be figured out.” However, it’s remained in the game ever since.

The scenario ImperialHal described hasn’t happened yet. But the fact it’s a possibility concerns him, and since it’s been liked almost 4,000 times, it seems like many others agree.