iiTzTimmy shows why Fuse is the most annoying character in Apex Legends

Fuse, the Explosives Enthusiast, in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

iiTzTimmy is well-renowned for his skill in Apex Legends and while he’s usually more of a Pathfinder guy, this time around he took Fuse into the Ranked battlegrounds to show off just how annoying the character can be when played at the highest level.

Fuse has never dominated the Apex Legends pick rates but he’s always had a fair share of dedicated fans who can’t get enough of the game’s signature pyromaniac.

It turns out that iiTzTimmy is among the rank of Fuse enjoyers and in his last outing with the character he put on an absolute clinic, showing off the true potential of a Legend that never seems to move the needle too much for the bigger player base.

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iitzTimmy’s gameplay proves how annoying Fuse can be in the right hands

In the first minute of a July 14 video on Timmy’s channel, he wasted no time getting into the mix of a ranked game. It didn’t take long for things to get wild as a team attempts to move in his team’s territory and a fight quickly broke out.

After a bit of damage trading the other squad tried to disengage but the Apex pro didn’t let them get away so easily.

Even after the enemies scurry inside, his endless spam of nades forces them out into the open and then also makes them dance carefully when they’re outside as he continues to launch them threw a window and create an unmatched level of chaos.

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From start to finish, Timmy alone launched seven grenades in about twenty seconds while his teammates kept the pressure high. While this would be frustrating to experience from any Legend, Fuse’s unique ability to hold more grenades and them out faster only enhanced the headache.

This strategy isn’t new for the Explosives Enthusiast, but when paired up with someone who is as polished as Timmy, it leaves no room for mercy for players who are just trying to make their way up the ladder.