iiTzTimmy settles Apex Legends Peacekeeper vs Mastiff debate with simple tip

. 5 months ago
IitzTimmy alongside Peacekeeper shotgun in Apex Legends
Twitch: iitzTimmy/Respawn

Apex Legends Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ Ann has weighed in on the Peacekeeper vs Mastiff debate, explaining when you should change up your shotgun of choice. 

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance, Respawn Entertainment gave Shotguns a bit of love with the long-awaited introduction of Mad Maggie.

While shotguns have always been a powerful weapon type in the battle royale, Maggie’s speed boost while holding one has prompted more players to give them a whirl – perhaps even running two shotguns at once, rather than an SMG or rifle.

That has, naturally, opened the door on the age-old Mastiff vs Peacekeeper debate, with players picking their side and sticking to it. However, iiTzTimmy pointed out that each have their own advantages at different times.

Mad Maggie abilities
Respawn Entertainment
Maggie’s Shotgun movement speed makes it easy to chase down enemies.

During his February 19 stream, the Apex Legends star was diving into games alongside random trios when he landed on Storm Point and started rocking a Peacekeeper over the Mastiff.

One fan jokingly asked why he didn’t go for the Mozambique, before another asked why he’d run the Peacekeeper rather than the Mastiff, especially if he was more consistent with the latter.

“If you’re more consistent with the Mastiff, why choose PK? Because PK does more damage, right,” Timmy noted. “So, if you’re hitting every shot with the PK, then you should use the PK. But, if you’re going to miss and you’re having a bad day, you should just use a Mastiff. I’m playing pretty ok, so why not use (the PK).”

It may seem to be a pretty simple answer, but the difference in charging the Peacekeeper for more damage can be a hindrance if you’re feeling off and just want to hit consistent shots.

Most players are still going to run what they prefer, but maybe some will take Timmy’s advice and change things up on a game-by-game basis.

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