iiTzTimmy proves powerful LMG is being underrated in Apex Legends

iiTzTimmy Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/iTzTimmy

Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy decided to use the L-STAR and prove how powerful the underrated LMG can be in a skilled player’s hands.

When it comes to the weapon meta in Apex Legends Season 16, the Nemesis AR, R99, and the Sentinel have stood out as the strongest picks.

While they’re all extremely dominant, their popularity has led the community to overlook a lot of other underrated guns.

One of which is the L-STAR, an energy-based LMG that thrives at medium to long range and has a huge ammo capacity.

Well, to prove this old-school weapon can still be effective, iiTzTimmy decided to push it to the limit and prove it’s still top-tier.

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L-STAR Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The L-STAR is an LMG in Apex Legends that uses Energy Ammo.

iiTzTimmy dominates Apex Legends match with L-STAR

The L-STAR has always been a polarizing weapon in Apex Legends, with some players swearing by its power, and others claiming it’s absolutely useless.

With an overheat mechanic and a slow fire rate, it requires a lot of precision to get the most out of this LMG, but can it hold its own in the meta?

Well, iiTzTimmy seems to think so, arguing the “L-STAR is back” and racking up over 2,600 damage and 10 kills with the gun in a single match.

Timmy showed exactly why the energy LMG is still a strong pick, lasering foes down at long range and even utilizing the gun’s solid hip fire.

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If you’re going to use the L-STAR, we recommend hunting down a 2x or 3x scope as quickly as possible as the iron sight can be incredibly awkward to use.

Not only that, make sure to equip an SMG or shotgun alongside the L-STAR as it will ensure you have plenty of firepower at close quarters as well as from afar.