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iiTzTimmy plays Apex Legends with controller for first time and he’s still insane

Published: 23/Jan/2022 12:25

by Sam Comrie


Apex Legends streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An ventured out of his comfort zone by playing Respawn’s battle royale with a controller for the first time, proving he’s still a god at the game no matter what. 

Apex Legends is an ultra-competitive experience that relies on high-level movement and supreme gun skill. Streamer iiTzTimmy is known for his dexterity in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, but do his skills end at his mouse and keyboard?

Eager to find out for himself, Timmy dug out his trusty controller and found out just how menacing Apex’s learning curve can be.

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iiTzTimmy grapples with Apex’s controller gameplay

While streaming alongside fellow Apex Legends content creator Daltoosh, Timmy switched out his normal setup for an Xbox controller for fun. “You on the M&K and me on the controller?” Timmy suggested during the pre-game lobby.


Daltoosh responded immediately with a “hell nah” as Timmy refined his setup for the match ahead: “This controller has seen better days.”

Before they dropped in for a chaotic battle Daltoosh only had one condition that Timmy must adhere to: “I just gotta ask you one thing, as long as you don’t go 5 feet away from someone and hit like a 140 spray with a controller then say THIS IS AIMBOT…just like everyone else does when they first play controller.”

Immediately after dropping in Daltoosh was downed hilariously fast but Timmy persevered. “Okay controller demon let’s go!” said Daltoosh as Timmy ran into a gunfight.


The streamer managed to get in a few hits, downing an enemy player to his own surprise: “That was a nasty f****** one clip!”

However, his success was short-lived as more players rushed Timmy, causing him to go into a panic. “I can’t reload, I can’t reload what the f***!” said Timmy as he was quickly sent back to the lobby.

In the future, we think Timmy will be leaving the controller behind but he’s still a deadly foe no matter what.