iiTzTimmy outplayed by Apex Legends controller master in intense 1v1

Apex Legends TimmyRespawn Entertainment/iiTzTimmy

After running into Extesyy in an Apex Legends match, iiTzTimmy was outclassed by the controller movement master in an intense 1v1 skirmish.

While iiTzTimmy plays a variety of games on Twitch, he’s most well-known for his extremely impressive Apex Legends gameplay.

Recently, the talented streamer even took down aceu and his entire squad with a Mozambique at Twitch Rivals.

So, it’s safe to say very few players can outmatch Timmy, especially when it comes to mechanics and movement.

Well, a popular Apex controller master has managed to do exactly that, taking down CouRage and then coming out on top in a 1v1 versus Timmy.

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Apex Legends Wraith controllerRespawn Entertainment
iiTzTimmy has over 2.5 million followers on Twitch.

iiTzTimmy wiped out by controller god Extesyy in 1v1

During a recent stream, iiTzTimmy, CouRage, and NiceWigg were playing on Storm Point when they were attacked by Wraith player Extesyy at the Cascade Falls POI.

Immediately getting one-clipped, CouRage was taken down in an instant and simply relayed “goodbye cruel world” to his team.

After realizing CouRage had hit Extesyy for 80 damage, Timmy decided to push the controller master on Pathfinder with his grapple.

Taking the 1v1, Timmy appeared to miss all of his bullets thanks to Extesyy’s strafing and movement. He was quickly taken down, granting Extesyy the 1v2, but luckily, NiceWigg landed a swift headshot with the Sentinel to finally eliminate the controller god.

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Topic starts at 0:17

NoobHunter provides both perspectives above so you can see exactly how both players perform in the 1v1.

What makes this play so impressive is that Extesyy is queueing Trios solo, so he has to rely purely on his skill to outplay multiple opponents.

Although he couldn’t pull off the 1v3 this time, taking down Timmy in a 1v1 is an achievement in itself, as he is very rarely bested in the Outlands.