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Huge Octane buff idea is exactly what he needs in Apex Legends Season 4

by Joe Craven
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One Apex Legends player has shared their suggestions for a buff to Octane, the adrenaline-fuelled legend who was added all the way back in Season One. 

Octane has grown to be one of Apex Legends’ most popular characters, as players enjoy his fast-paced gameplay. Despite being added in Season One, Octane has quickly caught up with and surpassed a number of the base legends in terms of popularity. 

However, as Apex turns one year old and its meta shifts, some players believe he needs an update to remain viable.

Octane kicks Mirage in Apex Legends
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Does Octane need a buff in Apex Legends?


With his current abilities, Octane’s stim allows him to move 30% faster for 6 seconds at the cost of 10 HP. However, the player’s recommendation is to buff every aspect of this. 

They propose the 30% increase lasting 8 seconds, as well as growing to a 40% increase in speed when running in a single direction. 

Similarly, they argue that Octane’s health recovery time should be halved. Currently, it takes 20 seconds for the 10 HP lost to be fully restored. However, the proposal from the player would cut this down to 10 seconds - a significant buff for Octane. 

Reddit: qspog
The proposed buff, in full.


However, not all the buffs proposed relate to Octane’s tactical stim shot ability. Improvements to his passive abilities would see Octane gain the ability to sprint while strafing, a feature that can only be improved by stocks for weapons. 

This would be complemented by the ability to shoot while sprinting, a feature that is not available for any legends in the game’s current build. 

Finally, in order to balance out the buffs, incoming damage to Octane would be increased by 5%.


The player argues that their significant buffs would bring Octane back, making him a “valuable and effective” member of any squad.

They point out that the buffs around shooting and strafing should probably only apply to certain weapon classes, as the idea of a sprinting Octane with an LMG would probably be far too strong. 

Regardless, there is no guarantee we’ll see any kind of buff to Octane, but it’s clear that fans are strong advocates of a stronger adrenaline-junkie.