How to use zip lines to ‘super jump’ in Apex Legends

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An Apex Legends player has shared a way to use zip lines to “super jump” in King’s Canyon, showing it as an incredibly effective method of getting high ground, without having to manually mantle.

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Apex Legends offers users a number of ways to traverse around the map, including interaction with a number of ‘Balloons’ that allow players to glide, and unique mantling mechanics that enable players to climb nearly every structure in the game.

However, the best move yet might be a little known trick – using zip lines to perform a “super jump”, as this player shows how effective it can be to regain high ground over opponents.  

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Respawn EntertainmentPathfinder’s ultimate ability sees him able to drop zip lines.
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Reddit user u/maydeelol demonstrates that if you interact with a zip line and jump immediately, it results in the player being thrown upwards. This can, if done in the right situation, act as a shortcut to getting high ground, giving the player a positional advantage over their opponent.

In the clip attached, the player knocks one enemy while inside a building, before repositioning by ‘super jumping’ onto the roof of the same hut. They are then in a prime position to laser the opposing team’s other members, who are not prepared for such a rapid reposition.

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The overwhelming majority of Reddit users were grateful at the sharing of the tactic, but some were concerned that it’s an unintentional exploit, similar to the now-patched “bunny hop healing”.

It is not uncommon for players to come across movement glitches in games, such as the aforementioned bunny hop. Another prominent example was the ‘G-Slide’ mechanic in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, that enabled players to launch themselves forward in a way that not intended by the developers, and was a key movement feature in the competitive scene until it was patched a few months after release.

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Whether intentional or not, the use of zip lines to allow “super jumps” is incredibly useful, and can benefit players in a number of ways.