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How to use baffling balloon juke to get easy kills in Apex Legends

Published: 2/Feb/2020 0:30

by Alan Bernal


An insane juke in Apex Legends has given people a new way to look at the various balloons on the map to make game-changing plays instead of running away.

The Apex Legends battlefield can turn on someone at a moment’s notice, which is why top players are constantly refining their movements to find the best ways to take opponents by surprise.

While balloons can provide a huge advantage for teams on-the-move, a little creativity can go a long way to embarrass foes. Usually, when players see these balloons that’s because they’re making big rotations or ditching a scenario that’s gone bad.


Respawn Entertainment
Every time you see a balloon in Apex Legends, there’s a chance for an outplay.

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But players like Reddit user ‘CapTee’ have other ideas that make use of the map feature to actually help them out in fights to completely turn the tide for an engagement.

During their match, CapTee got fired on World’s Edge by an approaching team without the support from the rest of their team nearby.

This obviously prompted the players to abort the loot-finding mission, and retreat to safety – or at least that’s how it looked like.

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Instead, the Pathfinder jumped back down before reaching the apex of the balloon’s line and landed an insane hook to make a perfect landing behind his previous attackers.


After that, it was a simple matter of landing shots to people who probably had their loadout screen opened since they didn’t notice that CapTee actually took the balloon to jettison away.

This is a perfect example of using something that Apex already provides in the game for something other than its main purpose.

CapTee via Reddit
A little risk in Apex Legends can go a long way.

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Even though it took a Pathfinder to use the hook for the final sequence of the clip, the trick can be useful for a lot of players looking to catch people off-guard.

But just remember that getting to the very top of the balloon’s line will people “launch,” meaning they activate their very noisy jets – not ideal for making sneaky plays.


It’s a risky maneuver but players can reap a ton of rewards for mixing up their playbook by adding a balloon juke to their arsenal in Apex Legends.