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How to turn off Apex Legends cross play on Xbox

Published: 23/Dec/2020 16:56

by Alex Garton


Disabling cross-play for Apex Legends can be a little confusing for Xbox players as it is done outside of the game. Here’s exactly how to disable it and avoid running into any PS4 or PC players online.

Cross-play is a great feature for any online title as it allows friends to play with each other no matter what platform they’re using.

Despite this, it’s still important for console players to be able to disable the feature if they choose. Playing against PC users on FPS games like Apex Legends can be testing, given some of the advantages of the PC platform. A mouse and keyboard make it easier to track a target and maintain more precise aim.


By default, console players will only match with other console players on Apex Legends. You’ll only play against PC players if you have a PC player in your own party. But still, here’s how to turn it off if you want to.

Apex Legends character shootingApex Legends Season 7 launched November 4.

For PlayStation users, it’s as simple as heading into the Apex settings and disabling cross-play. However, the process differs a little if you’re playing on an Xbox One.

Turn off Apex Legends cross-play on Xbox

A post from an EA Community Manager to the Answers HQ forum has detailed exactly how Xbox players can disable cross-play for Apex.

  1. Go to your Xbox settings
  2. Scroll to Account and head to Privacy and Online Safety
  3. Click on Xbox Live Privacy
  4. Click on View Details and Customize
  5. Click on Communications and Multiplayer
  6. Change “You can play with people outside Xbox Live” to block

Following these steps should ensure you will no longer be placed in matches against PS4 or PC users.


It’s worth noting the Community Manager does reiterate that Respawn attempts to keep console players together despite having cross-play: “Console players will normally only play with console folks… however if they add a PC friend to their lobby and queue with that PC player, they’ll go into a match with PC players.”

Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
Season 7 of Apex Legends brought the new Olympus map to the game.

Keep in mind that disabling this feature may increase your queue times when searching for a match. So, unless you think there is a problem when you’re matched up against PlayStation players, we’d recommend you keep crossplay enabled.

Hopefully, that’s allowed you to disable Apex’s cross-play feature on Xbox and will ensure your opponents are always on the same platform as you.