How to rapid-fire a Peacekeeper in Apex Legends for maximum damage

Eli Becht

The Apex Legends Peacekeeper may have been nerfed, but players are still finding ways to make it perform above and beyond its abilities – including this method that turns it into an automatic weapon.

On November 22, Apex Legends players were caught off guard by an update that effectively nerfed the Peacekeeper by decreasing the headshot damage, and increasing the rechamber time.

Despite the nerf, this weapon is still very powerful, and still remains favored by many players over the automatic EVA-8 shotgun. However, some players have found a way to essentially turn the Peacekeeper into an automatic weapon, which helps elevate it to easily one of the strongest weapons in the game.

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Reddit user Voppo showed that if you have two different sights for the Peacekeeper, you can drop one of them on the ground and use it to shoot the gun faster.

By juggling the two sights and taking advantage of an animation cancel, you’re able to unload a whole clip from the Peacekeeper much faster.

It is worth mentioning that you likely won’t be running into this a whole lot in a real game since it is very situational.

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Where it would be handy is when defending a door or hallway, somewhere you can act as a major barrier to anyone trying to get through.

If you’re looking for a good team to group up with, whether it’s Duos or Squads, then you could perhaps consider a strategy with Caustic or Wattson where you could lock a room down and camp.

For the time being, this isn’t too powerful of a method, but it could certainly become one if enough players catch wind of it, and figure out more ideal situations where it’d come in handy.

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If it ever becomes widespread, we can expect to see Respawn step in and put an end to it, as this is surely not working as intended.

You can keep an eye on it yourself to see if it’s set for a fix by checking the Apex Legends Trello page. We’ll keep you updated if this is ever patched out of the game.