How to open Apex Legends bunker 4 for loot and secret message

Calum Patterson
Crypto in front of Apex Legends bunker
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What is believed to be the final loot bunker on Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Season 5 is now available to access, granting you some high-tier loot, as well as a hidden message for Crypto.

The loot bunkers include some legendary and epic loot, which will help you in the short term in the match, but for lore fans, they also provide some insight into what’s going on in the world of the Apex Games.

The final bunker, Terminal Station L-19, is once again located on Kings Canyon, and dropping in will reward you with lots of loot, including a double Tap hop-up and a gold havoc. There will also be medkits and phoenix kits for your teammates.

Getting inside the bunker is straight forward enough, but first you’ll need to know where it is on the map.

How to get inside Apex Legends loot bunker 4

  1. Jump into a Kings Canyon match on Apex Legends
  2. Head to the spot between Slum Lakes and Containment, just north east of The Pit
  3. Land on the bunker between the shrubbery and interact
  4. The hatch should swing open, allowing you to drop in
Apex Legends map for fourth bunker location
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The fourth and final loot bunker is just north east of The Pit.

How to access Crypto’s secret message in loot bunker 4

As with the previous bunkers, if you drop in as Crypto you’ll be able to use his drone to access a secret message from his sister.

We’ve got a full breakdown of the message and what it could mean here, but of course, you may want to find out for yourself and see it in-game.

Playing as Crypto, head down the corridor to left when you enter the bunker. There you will see a door blocked off by rubble, but there is an open vent on the right-hand side. Sent Crypto’s drone through the vent.

Location of drone vent in Apex Legends
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Send the drone through the vent to reach the hidden control room.

Once inside, approach the three screens and then hold the button prompt to decrypt the message.

Before you leave, you can also make the most of the charge tower to get your ultimate fully charged up.

This is believed to be the last bunker, with the letters of each conspicuously spelling out WOLF. How this ties in with Loba (which means wolf in Portuguese), and the conclusion of the Broken Ghost quest, we don’t know quite yet.