Apex Legends

How to master the Mastiff in Apex Legends Season 5

by Connor Bennett


The Mastiff is now a floor loot weapon in Apex Legends after being taken out of supply drops. Here, we’ve got a few tips that could help you cement victories in the battle royale with the shotgun at your side. 

There are plenty of different weapons that you can use in Apex Legends, but only a few will pretty much guarantee victory. One of them used to be the Mastiff as it could only be found in supply drops in a gold variant.

In season five, though, the powerful shotgun is back to being a floor spawn weapon that you can find during any part of a match. It might not deal as much damage as before, but there a few tips and tricks that you can use. 


Respawn Entertainment
The Mastiff was previously only a legendary weapon in Apex.

Always aim down the sights and for the head

Now, when you have a shotgun in any shooter game, the temptation is to go wild and just fire from the hip while at close range. However, the Mastiff is a little different thanks to its spray pattern. 

Whether you want to use something like the 1x Holo or get lucky and find a 1x Digital Threat, aim down the sights of the Mastiff is a better choice than just firing from the hip. When aiming down the sights, your shots will reduce in spray, increase in accuracy, and deal more damage as a result – especially to the body. 

This might be difficult to do – fighting at close range in Apex does get quite hectic after all – but you’re going to have more success by using the sights than not using them. 


The Mastiff has become a must-use weapon in Apex Legends season five.

Apex Legends Mastiff damage stats

Shotguns are obviously powerful weapons and the Mastiff ranks just behind the Peacekeeper when it comes to dealing damage. Though, you are more likely to find a Mastiff. 

At close range, while ADS-ing, the Mastiff will rip through players in the early game – whether they use armor or not. Things do become a little bit difficult when enemies have better armor of course, but according to Apex Legends wiki, it should only take two or three shots to finish them off.

Apex Legends wiki
The complete set of damage stats for the Mastiff.


Find a trusty sidekick

Now, while the Mastiff is powerful, it won’t get the job done all by itself. You will need to pick up a weapon that can hold it’s own against enemies as well. 

It would be able to rustle up a combination of the Mastiff and something like the R99 or R301, but if you don’t find them, a weapon like the Hemlok will suffice. These rifles can soften up an enemy and allow you to first them off with the shotgun sidekick.


Of course, some players will swear off weapons that they’ve no interest in using – and shotguns have fallen foul of this in the past because they can be a bit unpredictable.

However, it is definitely worth giving the Mastiff another look if you haven’t already as it is a weapon that you can get comfortable with pretty quickly, especially if you’re an up-close and personal type player.