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How to master Rampart in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

Published: 26/Aug/2020 14:23

by James Busby


Rampart is the latest Apex Legends character to join the colorful crowd and her defensive playstyle aims to shake things up in Season 6. To find out how you can master this deadly modder, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will help you get that all-important victory.

Apex Legends’ big Season 6 update has brought with it plenty of new features. From the game-changing crafting stations to the shockingly good Volt SMG, there’s plenty of fresh content to keep players entertained. However, perhaps the most exciting addition to the new season is the latest Legend.

Rampart is the 14th character to join Respawn’s ever-growing roster and players have been busy getting to grips with her defensive abilities. Armed with deployable shields, a magazine enhancing passive, and devastating minigun – Rampart proves that sometimes the best offense is a strong defense.

If you wish to utilize Rampart to her full potential or simply want to know what she does, then follow our guide below. 

How to make use of Rampart’s abilities

Passive: Modded Loader

Rampart passive
Respawn Entertainment
LMGs are even more deadly thanks to Rampart’s passive.

The Modded Loader passive gives Rampart Increased magazine/heat capacity and faster reloads/recharge when using any LMGs and her Minigun. This ability is fantastic in the early-game when finding the best attachments is rather tricky, so having a passive that gives you a boost to your magazine size is incredibly beneficial. 

If that wasn’t enough, the faster reload time makes using the game’s rather unwieldy LMGs highly usable. As a result, you’ll want to always prioritize guns like the Spitfire, Devotion, and L-STAR EMG. Having such a huge buff for merely picking up an LMG is certainly a game-changer, so make sure you’re always utilizing it. 

Tactical Ability: Amped Cover

Amped Cover
Respawn Entertainment
Amped Cover doesn’t just keep you safe from enemy fire, it also buffs your damage.

Rampart’s main defensive ability is her deployable Amped Cover. Those of you who have played Titanfall will be familiar with this stalwart shield. Not only do these deployable structures sponge incoming damage, they also boost all outgoing damage by 20%. 

Up to five Amped Cover walls can be placed down at once, allowing you to effectively cordone off popular chokepoints and even block entry to various buildings. With three charges and a 30-second cooldown, you can quickly build a decent defense in no time. 

It’s often best to deploy this cover before engaging your enemies as Rampart’s Amped Cover can be destroyed during the 4.5 seconds it takes to be deployed. The 20% damage bonus can also give you the edge needed to take down multiple foes, especially when your ultimate is available. 

Ultimate: Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”

Rampart's ultimate ability
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart’s minigun can quickly shred through even the tankiest of enemies.

This deadly minigun is Rampart’s pride and joy. Armed with a colossal 150 round magazine, infinite reserve ammo, and a whopping 360 health – Sheila is one ultimate you don’t want to get caught by. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, Rampart’s minigun deals 14 damage per bullet and can unleash 20 bullets per second. 

Sheila is also fairly accurate and even allows players to aim down the weapon’s sights,  giving you greater accuracy for those long-distance engagements. While the minigun has a decent amount of health, it’s often best to place it behind your Amped Cover. This will drastically increase the minigun’s damage and keep it safe from enemy gunfire. 

Rampart tips and tricks

Positioning is the key to success

The importance of positioning
Respawn Entertainment
Leaving your minigun out in the open will greatly diminish its overall use.

Just like most FPS shooters, positioning is integral to your survival. This sentiment is especially true when playing as Rampart. Her defensive playstyle often forces players to remain  stationary, particularly when using the minigun. Obviously, this can pose a problem when playing against mobile characters like Octane or squads that are using long-range snipers. 

While Rampart’s minigun can certainly take a beating, it’s often best to simply place it behind your Amped Cover or natural terrain. You’ll not only be much harder to hit, but your weapon will also avoid taking a lot of the flak. In fact, we’ve often found that setting up in a high ground position that surveys a wide area to be incredibly devastating, so always think about your positioning before setting up your defense.  

Aggressively defend

Defending with Amped Cover
Respawn Entertainment
Putting up an impenetrable defense will increase your chances of winning.

While Rampart may be a defensive Legend at heart, she is often played best when you proactively look for opportunities to force players into unwanted situations. Always be on the watch for areas of the map you can aggressively defend from, and make sure you get to any central areas that see high player traffic before the ring closes in. 

By doing this, you’ll invariably be able to set up your Amped Cover and minigun well before any enemies make their way to your position. Once you’ve found a decent spot, cover any windows and doorways with your deployable cover and get ready to unleash a hail of bullets when your foes get close. 

Use Rampart’s Passive to your advantage

Rampart's passive
Respawn Entertainment
LMGs are even more potent when Rampart equips them.

If you’re not utilizing LMGs when playing as Rampart, then you’re missing out on a lot of damage. The added 15% magazine size and 25% decrease in reload time is huge. In fact, when you combine this with the Spitfire and Devotion’s Epic Extended Mag, you’ll often find you never need to reload in most gunfights. 

This is massive when you consider just how many rounds these weapons can pump out. Not only can you take down multiple enemies with a single magazine, but you can also constantly maintain pressure thanks to the faster reload times. 

Know when to use your Amped Cover

Amped cover positioning
Respawn Entertainment
Good Amped Cover placements can be the difference between life and death.

There’s no point deploying your Amped Cover in the middle of a firefight. After all, most players will simply destroy it during the 4.5-second animation. Not only does this instantly waste one of your three charges, it also leaves you susceptible to incoming fire. 

As a result, try to get the jump on enemy squads and launch a deadly surprise attack. Just remember that the Amped shield does not stack, so you’ll still only gain the 20% damage buff even when shooting through multiple walls. 

If you follow these Rampart tips & tricks, you’ll be able to secure more kills in no time. Make sure you follow @TitanfallBlog for all the latest Apex Legends news and updates.

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What does Branthium mean in Apex Legends? Horizon & Ash Season 7 teasers

Published: 27/Oct/2020 15:07

by Calum Patterson


Amid all the teasers for Apex Legends Season 7, one word has been on the lips of a number of characters: Branthium. But, what is this? Now, we finally have an answer to the mystery: but we’ve got a whole load more questions too.

The first time we heard the word Branthium in Apex Legends, it came from Ash, at the end of the Season 5 Broken Ghost quest.

Ash is the villain from Titanfall 2, who was recruited by Kuben Blisk, before she “died” at the hands of Jack Cooper, was put back together again, her memory wiped, and then her head split into parts and spread throughout Kings Canyon.

Once the Legends put her head back together, she spoke to them, and, as part of an unintelligible message, said: “all roads lead to Branthium.”

Ash saying Branthium in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Ash was the first time we heard ‘Branthium’ in Apex Legends.

What is Branthium in Apex Legends?

After the mention from Ash, in the first Twitter teaser for Season 7, Horizon (expected to be the next playable Legend), repeated the word “Branthium” in among all the static.

It later became clear that Horizon was repeating what Ash said – or, perhaps Ash was repeating Horizon.

Is Branthium a place?

The saying, “all roads lead to Branthium”, is undoubtedly a play on the common phrase “all roads lead to Rome.” Typically, this saying refers to “all paths or activities lead to the center of things” – it comes from Ancient Rome in the literal sense, when all roads started from the capital city.

So, at first, most theories believed Branthium was a place, possibly related to the planet Psamathe and its city, Olympus. Ash finished her monologue by saying “Welcome to Olympus.”

But, a spanner was thrown in the works of this theory by Horizon. In the latest Twitter teaser, Horizon says: “Just got to figure out how he can fuse the Branthium (or Brantium?) without critical mass.”

So, is Branthium actually some kind of element, or fuel, or material? This remains unclear, but it wouldn’t make sense for Ash (and Horizon) to say “All roads lead to Branthium,” if it was simply some kind of element.

The truth about Branthium revealed

It didn’t take long for Respawn to reveal the truth behind Branthium, confirming that it was in fact an element that the people of Psamathe needed as an energy source, to solve their looming energy crisis.

Branthium Energy Crisis
Respawn Entertainment
Dr Mary Somers (aka Horizon) was tasked with finding Branthium to solve the energy crisis.

Unfortunately, after retrieving the Branthium, Somers was betrayed and left to die in the abyss of space, which is where the Season 7 story is about to pick up.

Horizon holding Branthium
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon retrieved the Branthium – before being betrayed.

Horizon kept the original sample of Branthium for herself, before she set out to fulfill her promise to her son.

This could line up with the involvement of Hammon Robotics too. The Planet Harvester which launched in Season 4 is being used by Hammond “to gather precious metals from the core of the planet for reasons unknown.”

It’s still possible that Branthium is both a place and an element, with the latter named after the former.

Season 7 is set to start on November 4 – a week earlier than initially planned – so we should learn a lot more then.