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How to master Apex Legends' Flatline in Season 5: tips, damage stats, more

by James Busby


Apex Legends’ Flatline has often been overshadowed by the likes of the R-301 and the R-99, but this is no longer the case. Previous buffs to the Flatline’s base damage, ironsight accuracy, and numerous bugfixes have greatly increased this trusty rifle’s popularity. 

The Flatline has been around since Apex Legends’ initial release and while it’s always been an extremely reliable rifle, fans have often neglected it in favour of the game’s higher fire rate SMGs and assault rifles. While the Flatline’s vertical recoil and poor fully auto accuracy may put a lot of players off, it still remains an incredibly powerful weapon that you should add to your arsenal.

In fact, Mixer star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek recently called the Flatline the "best gun" in the game during a recent stream, so it’s definitely a weapon you should at least try out! 


Apex Legends Flatline damage stats

Before you go equipping yourself with the nearest Flatline you can find, you’ll want to get to grips with the rifle’s damage profile first. After all, Apex Legends Champion wins don’t come easy, so make sure you utilise the Flatlines 2x headshot multiplier and excellent body shot damage to beat the competition. 

While the Flatline’s deadly Anvil receiver attachment was removed in Season 5, it still deals decent damage across both short to medium engagement ranges, particularly when using the gun’s single fire mode. The Flatline can kill squishy Legend in just six body hits, or just three shots if you focus on landing headshots. Combine this with the Flatline’s forgiving 20-round magazine, methodical fire rate, single fire option, and you have a reliable rifle that can cut down even the hardiest of foes in no time.

The full damage breakdown for the Flatline assault rifle can be found below thanks to the Apex Legends game wiki.


The Flatline deals a staggering amount of headshot and bodyshot damage.
The Flatline deals a staggering amount of headshot and bodyshot damage.
The Flatline deals a staggering amount of headshot and bodyshot damage.

Master the Flatline’s recoil pattern 

One of the main reasons a lot of players dislike the Flatline is due to its incredibly high recoil, which makes it difficult to land shots during medium to long-range firefights. To avoid any frustrating deaths and to increase your overall accuracy, you’ll want to head into the practice range and unload your entire clip into the nearest mid-range target. The rifle will naturally creep upwards, snaking its way to the right, then begin climbing vertically once again. 

To compensate for this, you’ll want to gradually drag your mouse or analog stick downwards to offset the weapon’s vertical recoil. Once you’ve got the hang of doing this and mastered the Flatline’s fully auto recoil, you’ll be able to quickly take down multiple foes in close quarters and mid-range skirmishes. 


Know when to use the Flatline’s single-fire mode

Being able to down targets in just a couple of hits is always going to be incredibly useful in any given firefight, particularly when you need to clutch a victory for your team. Fortunately, the Flatline’s rounds pack a mean punch, especially when you’re able to quickly fire off a number of lethal shots to the head. 

While it can be tempting to hold down the trigger and hose down the nearest enemy you see, it’s important that you pay attention to the distance of your enemy. After all, the Flatline’s recoil pattern can make landing shots frustratingly difficult, so consider switching to the single-fire mode when you’re in need of the extra precision. 

You'll need to manage the Flatline's vertical recoil if you want to land those lethal shots.

The slower fire rate may seem rather jarring and somewhat counter-intuitive at first, but switching between these firing modes will drastically increase your overall accuracy during medium to long-range engagements. 


Take a close-range weapon to avoid any frustrating deaths 

The Flatline may not be the slowest firing weapon in the game, but it does tend to get outclassed by Apex Legends’ speedier weapons, making it particularly problematic in close-quarters fights. Having a gun that you can rely on to quickly melt through multiple opponents will give you a huge advantage, particularly if you don’t have to waste time aiming down sights. 

After all, the Flatline’s 20-round magazine and reticle make it rather difficult to hip fire your shots, so make sure you equip any of the above guns to avoid any early deaths. 

If you follow these Flatline tips & tricks, you’ll be able to secure more Champion wins in no time.