How to “kidnap” enemies with Wraith in Apex Legends

Alan Bernal

Wraith has been a fan-favorite in Apex Legends for her multipurpose kit, leading players to use it creatively with both defense and offense.

Respawn Entertainment is filled with Legends that are useful in different capacities, each giving their edge for a team to get the upper hand when dropping into the Apex Games.

But there’s a growing number of players who’ve been using Wraith’s Interdimensional Portal ultimate ability to displace players when they least expect it.

Various clips from the Apex Legends subreddit community show players using Wraith’s ult to isolate unsuspecting foes to get quick picks in a fight.

Respawn Entertainment
Wraith’s ability kit has stayed the same, but players have been evolving its use in big ways.

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To pull off the trick, Wraith players are going to have to be quick and discreet to go unnoticed. From a safe distance, pop Wraith’s ult while moving in behind a player.

Then all it takes is a bit of a misstep or coaxing for the enemy player to slip into the void. Once that’s done, the Wraith can follow suit into the portal, knowing they’re probably going to have a solid three-to-five seconds of a disorientated player who has no immediate backup.

Like user GL3B3 showed, they were able to get in close using their ult behind a Gibraltar who was focused on something ahead.

After laying down the entrance of the portal, Gibraltar made the costly mistake of strafing into its path. Since Gibby was still recalibrating from getting swept from the Rift, the player immediately followed met them with a barrage of gunfire from their Peacekeeper to get the quick kill.

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It seems like more players are catching onto this trend since it perfectly capitalizes on the chaos of the battlefield.

User ‘Kekkoo95’ pulled off a similar stunt, though the build-up was much more intense since they were quickly running out of time to put down the ult.

Though in a similar capacity, they were able to “kidnap” a Lifeline who was distracted. After following the Combat Medic through the portal, it again resulted in a swift elimination. Wraith is already a popular Legend among players, but this handy trick only adds to her arsenal for players to get the upper hand in combat.