How to get the Suicide Awareness Badge in Apex Legends

Kijanna Henry
The Suicide Awareness Badge in Apex Legends

With September marking the commencement of Suicide Awareness Month, Apex Legends has decided to release a badge commemorating those who continue to struggle with mental health, and those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Apex Legends is no stranger when it comes to shedding light on real-life issues affecting its player base and the world at large.

Back in February, they introduced a Black Lives Matter badge following the social and cultural uprising to show support and solidarity with the communities affected.

Later on in May, a “Stop Asian Hate” badge was released to show solidarity with the Asian community.

And in June, Respawn gave players the ability to equip a Pride Month badge that represented many communities under the LGBTQIA+ banner.

With September being Suicide Awareness Month, Apex Legends has decided to yet again support this much-needed movement by introducing the Suicide Awareness badge, and claiming it for yourself is simple.

Apex Legends badges and Apex Legends logo
There are a huge amount of badges in Apex Legends.

The Suicide Awareness Badge became available for Apex Legends players to get on September 1st, in keeping with the first day of the Suicide Awareness Month.

Respawn also released a video accompanying this badge and explained why they saw it fit to show support to those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

How to claim the Suicide Awareness Badge in Apex Legends

  1. Start up Apex Legends
  2. Load into the main menu
  3. Claim the free badge
  4. You can now equip it to your profile!

Based on Respawn’s approach with previous badges like the BLM badge and Pride Month badge, we expect the Suicide Awareness Badge to be available until the end of the month.

So if you do intend on equipping this badge, you should make sure and log in to Apex Legends at least once during September.