How to get guaranteed gold loot on Worlds Edge in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Gold lootRespawn Entertainment

Obtaining gold loot in Apex Legends is a great way to gain an advantage over your opponents, but where can it be found on Worlds Edge every single match?

Unlike other popular battle royale titles, Apex Legends doesn’t have a loadout system that allows players to customize their weapons before a match.

Instead, competitors have to rely on the loot they find on the map, which puts huge importance on choosing a strong drop location.

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While Storm Point has the new IMC Armories which are bursting with supplies, a lot of the community struggles to locate consistent top-tier loot on Worlds Edge and often follows the crowd to Fragment.

Luckily, there is an area that guarantees gold loot every single match on Worlds Edge and a lot of players seem to have forgotten it exists.

Gold loot Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment
Gold loot is extremely rare in Apex and can only be found in certain locations.

Where is the gold loot on Worlds Edge in Apex Legends?

With half the lobby dropping down onto Fragment in every Worlds Edge match, it’s easy to forget about the countless strong POIs that the map has to offer.

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As pointed out by Apex YouTuber The Gaming Merchant, there’s one specifically that can set you up incredibly well with a guaranteed gold weapon, and it seems to have been forgotten by the majority of the community.

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The area is of course Big Maude, added with the Evolution Collection event, Rampart’s Town Takeover POI is often overlooked by players, but the location is packed with loot and even contains a set of golden weapons in special locked boxes.

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These can be unlocked manually with materials or if you’re a Loba main, simply wait for your Ultimate to charge and it’s a guaranteed free gold weapon.

While this POI isn’t in the thick of the action on Worlds Edge, it’s the perfect drop location for players that love to get geared up and then search for enemies.

With a fully kitted gold gun in your hands, you’ll be a dominant force on the Outlands and capable of beaming down all the players that decided to drop on Fragment.

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