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How to get Escape Pack in Apex Legends: New ‘Endless Labyrinth’ Ash skin

Published: 11/Nov/2021 19:27 Updated: 11/Nov/2021 19:31

by Kijanna Henry


With Apex Legends Season 11 well underway, Respawn has dropped new content for players to upgrade their weapons and customization. In this season’s Escape Pack, you can collect a skin for Ash as well as some bonus Apex Coins.

Ash has burst onto the scene in Season 11 with a striking appearance, and deadly abilities. If you wish to expand your collection of cosmetics for her, you can pick up the newest exclusive skin in-game.

Similar to past seasons, these packs only include two items: the skin and 600 coins. Last season, Respawn gave us the Emergence pack which featured an incredible skin for the fashionable Seer.


Given the price, many fans believe these bundles are a bargain compared to buying rare skins and coins as usual.

Ash Apex Legends Season 11
Respawn Entertainment
Ash is the newest legend in Apex Legends: Season 11 Escape.

Apex Legends Escape Pack release date

The Escape pack was released on November 11, which means it is now available on all platforms.

Apex Legends Season 11 pack price: New Ash skin

For players in the US, the pack will cost $4.99 from your platform’s store – or $4.49 if you are an EA Play member. For this, you get:

  • ‘Endless Labyrinth’ Ash Skin
  • 600 Apex Coins

How to get Escape Pack in Apex Legends

The pack is available for players on multiple different platforms, through the digital stores. These include Microsoft (Xbox), PlayStation Store, Origin, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

To get the Apex Legends Season 11 Escape Pack, complete the following steps:

  1. Log onto your system’s digital storefront
  2. Navigate to Apex Legends > add ons, or simply search for Apex Legends Escape Pack
  3. Purchase the pack and download it
  4. It will be available in your inventory next time you load up Apex Legends.

So, that’s all you need to get the Escape Pack in Apex Legends. Be sure to stick with Dexerto on Twitter, @AlphaIntel, for more Apex Legends news, guides, leaks, and updates.