How to get 20+ kills in Apex Legends: YouTuber reveals “best” strategy

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It’s hard to get 10 kills in Apex Legends, let alone 20, but prominent YouTuber ‘The Gaming Merchant‘ revealed the best strategy for you to use, and we’ve got all his tips and tricks laid out for you below.

Getting a handful of kills in Apex Legends is pretty standard for most players, but getting 20+ kills is an achievement of its own. The difficulty in getting so many eliminations alters between games, as Airship Pathing plays a part, as well as which of the two maps you’re playing on.

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One significant issue is player skill since if you aren’t at least Apex Predator rank, you’ll have a hard time even getting into the double-digit mark.

In a YouTube video made by The Gaming Merchant, he reveals the best strategy in getting kills in the battle royale. He talks about all of the factors above and how you can utilize a few tips to get that 20-bomb.

Choose your map wisely

Both maps, King’s Canyon and World’s Edge are different. While World’s Edge features multiple environments and ecosystems, it’s a much bigger map than King’s Canyon.

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Apex Legends Maps Kings CanyonApex Legends | EA/Respawn
Apex Legends map, King’s Canyon.

The Gaming Merchant’s strategy suggests picking King’s Canyon because it’s smaller, meaning that it’s easier to hear gunshots, grenade explosions, and other player-caused noises from afar.

And if you can hear your opponents, then you have a greater advantage. Additionally, although the Airship pathway is randomized, some paths see reoccurring location choice popularity, which bolsters the chances of getting more kills than usual.

Use the Airship pathway to your advantage

Airship pathway plays a vital role in this strategy since they’re the direction the dropship will fly over the map at the beginning of each match.

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For optimal killing, you should keep an eye for it coming from the left side of the map, as most current hotspots and popular locations are located on that side of King’s Canyon, such as Gauntlet, Runoff, Airbase, and Slum Lakes.

Apex Legends Maps Kings Canyon Airship PathingApex Legends | EA/Respawn
An example of Airship Paths at King’s Canyon in Apex Legends.

The Airship pathway plays a major role in determining how successful you will be in your quest to getting 20+ kills. If the path leads from the right, opponents are more reluctant to scatter which is the opposite of what you want if you’re trying to get a lot of eliminations.

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This scattering is because new players are most likely going to drop near the right side of the map, which contains a lot of the quieter areas, while old players will aim for the popular locations. If you ever face games wherein the path is coming from the right, just play regularly until the game ends.

Utilize the Map Room

Sometimes you will be unsuccessful in finding many players; since people from different regions play the game at various paces, you might happen to find yourself in a lobby with more conservative or cautious users.

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Map Room Apex LegendsApex Legends | EA/Respawn
Map Room in King’s Canyon.

For this reason, you should utilize the Map Room, which is located in the bottom right area of the map, and record the statistics of what’s going on all over King’s Canyon, such as where players are gravitating to, their movement patterns, etc.

After doing this for about 20 times, you can use the information to gain a better idea about the majority of your region’s drop patterns, based on Airship pathways. However, if you’re going to use this tactic, bear in mind that your stats might no longer apply as well after a few days.

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Here is The Gaming Merchant’s YouTube video visually demonstrating his entire strategy in action:

Obviously take all of this advice with a grain of salt: no strategy, not even the greatest one, is going to turn a below-average player into an Apex Predator overnight.

That said, certain aspects of this guide, or the thing as a whole, should definitely help improve one or more facets of your own gameplay, so heed these tips and tricks and get back into King’s Canyon to try them out.

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