How to fix audio bug in Apex Legends on Xbox

Mirage in Apex Legends Xbox audio bugRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ next-gen update has finally arrived, and with it, an audio bug is preventing players from hearing their game audio and chat. Here’s how to fix the audio bug in Apex Legends on Xbox. 

Respawn Entertainment‘s big next-gen update for Apex Legends arrived on March 29. 

Next-gen consoles such as Playstation 5 and the Xbox X|S will now be able to bring their Apex experience into the future of gaming with HDR, shadow maps, and greater detail distances. 

But as players are dropping into Sabotaged Olympus, players are reporting an audio bug preventing players from hearing their chats.

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In some cases, their general game audio – specifically on the Xbox X|S – has also been affected. 

Apex Legends next-gen update Respawn Entertainment
As players jumped into the new Apex Legends next-gen update they were met with audio bugs

As Apex Legends fans were ready to experience the next-gen update from Respawn Entertainment, Xbox players weren’t so thrilled. 

Upon downloading the next-gen update, Xbox users were thrown for a loop when they discovered that their audio had been altered or, in some cases, completely disappeared. 

So, let’s take a look at how you can fix it…

How to fix Apex Legends audio bug on Xbox

Redditor Intelligent_Sort_738 posted a quick fix for the Apex audio bug as he detailed how to return the audio settings to normal. 

“If you go into your console and set the audio output to Studio Uncompressed,” the Redditor explained on his forum. “The audio should go back to normal! Hope this helps!” 

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Dexerto’s own AlphaINTEL also echoed the Redditor’s detailed instructions on Twitter, offering assistance in the form of a screenshot. 

Players having issues with their audio applied the changes to their settings, and most of the players saw their audio issues disappear. 

Meanwhile, some members of the community have had their in-game audio fixed, but then the problem traveled to their chat audio, causing their headphones not to work mid-game. 

As the problem gains more traction within the community, may will be hoping that Respawn Entertainment will offer a patch addressing the bug sooner rather than later.