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How to easily counter Newcastle’s Ultimate in Apex Legends

Published: 13/May/2022 12:45

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends players have discovered a useful counter for Newcastle’s powerful Castle Wall Ultimate that completely stops the Heroic Defender in his tracks.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is well underway and while players are enjoying all of the new content, it’s the Heroic Defender Newcastle that receiving most of the attention.

With a kit that’s completely centered around protecting allies and dragging them out of danger, he’s the perfect Legend for players who prefer adopting a more selfless and supportive role in a squad.

Well, this playstyle has proven popular among Apex players in early Season 13, with Newcastle maintaining an impressive 9% pick rate. While this is great news for Respawn, a lot of the community is struggling to deal with the mighty shield bearer’s devastating Ultimate.


Luckily, a direct counter has been discovered and it involves the Gravitational Manipular, Horizon.

Apex Legends Newcastle
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 13 went live on May 10.

Horizon can counter Newcastle Ultimate in Apex Legends

When new Legends arrive on the roster, it’s a race to discover ways of countering and nullifying their abilities.

Well, it hasn’t taken players long to find out a way to completely cancel Newcastle’s Ultimate, and it involves using Horizon Black Hole.

As showcased on the Apex Legends subreddit, user Car0nix attempts to use Castle Wall to leap to an ally. Realizing this, the enemy Horizon places their Ultimate directly on Car0nix’s landing spot, suspending the mid-air and canceling the placement of the wall.


This leaves Car0nix exposed and with no protection to deflect gunfire, making it a useful technique to adopt in your games if you’re taking on a Newcastle.

Today, I learned Horizon can cancel a Newcastle Ult from apexlegends

With Newcastle being so popular in the early stages of Saviors, it may be worth locking in Horizon to capitalize on any players leaping in with Castle Wall to save the day.

Without the electrified wall to protect them, it effectively gives you a chance to burst them down immediately, Not only that, the disruption and displacement from the Black Hole makes it almost impossible for them to fight back.

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