How to easily control Flatline recoil in Apex Legends

Flatline Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro player and Twitch personality Trenton ‘lou’ Clements has revealed a recoil trick for the Flatline that makes the weapon pinpoint accurate at long range.

Learning and mastering weapons in Apex Legends can be tricky, especially with so many of the guns being difficult to control with no attachments.

Players will often leave heavy ammo weapons on the ground and go for an alternative that has less recoil. One weapon that often gets left to the wayside is the Flatline, with players preferring to use a Volt or R-301.

Well, an Apex Legends pro player has shown off a simple trick for the Flatline that completely nullifies the gun’s recoil pattern.

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Apex Legends FlatlineRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has 27 weapons total for players to loot and equip.

Simple Apex Legends Flatline recoil trick

During his May 10 Twitch stream, Apex Legends pro player lou showed off a simple trick that he uses to control the Flatline’s recoil.

While most players simply pull down to control the kickback of the Flatline, lou draws tiny circles with his scope as he’s firing. This completely nullifies the gun’s recoil and makes it unbelievably accurate.

He even demonstrates the technique on stream, showing exactly how it can be replicated in-game to beam enemies from a distance.

A player even made a thread on the Apex Legends University subreddit showing them using the trick and it’s garnered over 4,000 upvotes.

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Using the Flatline on the firing range, kono_dio_da351 shows how precisely accurate lou’s tip makes the Flatline at long-range. There’s no doubt it will take some practice to completely master this mechanic, but it’ll definitely help you rack up a lot more damage in your games.

If you’re looking to take your skills with the Flatline to another level, this is definitely a trick you should consider learning. Hitting shots at long-range can be the difference-maker before you and your squad go for an aggressive push.

The Flatline may not be the most popular weapon in Apex Legends, but this tip certainly makes it an effective choice in any match.

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