How to complete Bangalore Story event in Apex Legends: The Williams Sendoff

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A brand new story event for Bangalore has gone live in Apex Legends. Here’s everything you need to know to complete The Williams Sendoff.

Apex Chronicles are in-game, mini story events that provide tidbits of lore for the game’s legends. This time it’s Bangalore’s turn, with ‘The Williams Sendoff’ unlocking on March 29.

There are five different chapters to complete in order to get through the Bangalore Chronicles event.

Here, we’ll go over how to complete each one.

How to complete Bangalore’s Apex Chronicles event

Apex Legends BangaloreRespawn Entertainment
The Bangalore Chronicles event picks up where the Gridiron Stories from the Outlands cinematic left off.

Scout of Action Challenge

Apex’s Bangalore story event starts off with Chapter 1, called “Scout of Action” with a relatively simple challenge. All you need to do to knock it out is load up the firing range as Bangalore and grab the G7 Scout on the pedestal.

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This begins the Scout of Action challenge itself, where you’ll need to shoot 35 blue targets within a minute. Not too tough at all, and once you do, you’ll be treated to a brand new cutscene, and unlock the Scout of Action loading screen as well.

In this cinematic, Wraith explains how she found Bangalore’s brother Jackie’s dog tags in a morgue to her tearful teammate.

It also shows whether or not Jackie’s really dead, and how Bangalore will deal with that fact should come out in the next four parts of the challenge.

Jackson’s “Bow-Out” Challenge

The second challenge is also a shooting range test of skill, this time with the Bocek Bow. For this you’ll need to enter the firing range as Bangalore and grab the Bow from the pedestal on the far left.

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This starts the challenge itself, which requires you to deal 1000 damage with the weapon to a single target in a minute. The target moves around back and forth randomly on a track, and it’s movement gets more and more erratic as time ticks closer to zero.

While a little tougher than Scout of Action, it’s not extremely tough, and once you knock it out you’ll get another new loading screen, and the Bow-Out cinematic as well.

Respawn Entertainment
Loba and Bangalore might have a more complicated relationship than previously thought.

Smoke Show Challenge

Third in line is the “Smoke Show” challenge. The toughest so far, this one is started by going to the pedestal with the pistol located in the gap between the two left platforms.

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You’re required to deal 1250 damage in a minute to dummies hidden in the smoke. They’re outlines will show up on the sight included on the pistol, so simply scan the smoke and blast away when you find one.

Upon completion you get yet another loading screen featuring Bangalore and Loba, and a very interesting bit of lore and interaction between the two characters. We’ll leave it at that, but you’ll see what we mean when you complete it.

Finale: Say Goodbye

Finally, to complete the Bangalore story mission you’ll need to complete the ‘The Williams’ Sendoff’ finale: Say Goodbye.

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This loads up a section of Storm Point where Bangalore sends off her brother with a beer, just like in her Stories from the Outlands episode.

By far, this is the easiest to complete, since you just have to walk up to the cooler and press one button. Once you do you’ll get a Rare Bangalore Pack as a reward, which contains items specific to the legend, and crafting materials.

Apex Legends Bangalore Mad MaggieRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore has been the main focus of Apex lore as of late.

So there you have it, how to knock out Bangalore’s story challenge in Apex Legends. If you haven’t started, don’t worry as it shouldn’t take you more than a few tries on each to get through.

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Be sure to complete each section by Tuesday, April 12, when ‘The Williams Sendoff’ expires, and the challenges will no longer be available.

Since the release of this story event, there’s also been rumors floating around that Bangalore’s brother Jackie might be the next new legend joining Apex. Whether or not that’s the case we can’t say for sure, but it would make a lot of sense based on what we’ve seen so far.