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How to claim free Apex Legends Season 4 PlayStation Plus Pack

by Eli Becht


To celebrate the launch of Apex Legends Season 4, Respawn and EA have teamed up once again with PlayStation to offer an exclusive pack for PS Plus subscribers, including new skins for Wattson and Octane.

Since players aren't required to have a PS Plus account to enjoy free-to-play games on the PS4, such as Apex Legends, Sony threw those who do have a subscription a bone by giving them free gear.

We've seen this before with both Fortnite and Apex, so it's not all that surprising to see and has even started to become expected. However, Respawn will usually give little publicity to these kinds of deals, so many might not be aware it even exits.

Respawn Entertainment
Revenant has finally arrived in Apex Legends.


Luckily for players, it's an extremely simple process to claim the pack. While there's no definitive expiration date given, they surely won't last forever, so make sure you claim them all at your earliest convenience.

How to get your Apex Legends Season 4 PS Plus pack

All you'll have to do to get your hands on this free bundle is head over to the PlayStation Store and claim it. It's completely free of charge, so once that's done, load up Apex Legends and the contents of the pack will be in your account.

As for what's actually included with this bundle, players can expect a couple of outfits, banners, and weapon skins, for a total of six items.

ps plus pack apex legends wattson octane
Sony / EA
Octane and Wattson have some new skins.


Here's a look at what you'll be getting:

  • 2 character skins (Octane & Wattson)
  • 2 weapon skins (Havoc & P2020)
  • 2 banners (Octane & Wattson)

Unfortunately, there's nothing available for Revenant, the new character introduced this season, so players will have to settle for skins for some of the older characters.

With Revenant arguably being the nicest looking design we've seen from an Apex Legends character so far, it's a little disappointing but definitely makes sense from Respawn's standpoint.

Octane Apex Legends
Octane has a new skin now!


Apex Legends Season 4 is now live for free PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

For more information about the update, make sure to check out our Season 4 patch notes, which includes details about the major map changes, new weapons, and, of course, Revenant.