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How to avoid fall stuns in Apex Legends with clever trick

Published: 4/Jan/2021 23:04

by Bill Cooney


One extremely simple tip can help you avoid Apex Legends’ fall stun and get the drop (literally) on any enemy team, no matter where they are.

The stun that’s applied in Apex Legends when your character falls from a significant height doesn’t do any damage, but it does cause you to stop for a second and resets your momentum.

While not always the case, it can make you an easier target, and in the heat of battle, it could be the difference between pulling one out for your team or getting mowed down by the enemy.

Respawn Entertainment
There’s no fall damage in Apex, but the stun that’s applied can be quite annoying.

How to avoid Apex’s fall stuns

Back in the early days when Respawn’s battle royale first came out in 2019, it used to be possible to cancel the stun by simply meleeing the ground right before you hit. Your character would kick and their momentum would be preserved — easy as pie — until Respawn patched it out.


While it’s no longer possible to conserve your momentum by just hitting the ground, it is possible to cancel the stun by using the melee attack in a different way.

Instead of just striking out at the ground, hitting a wall or any other vertical surface on your way down seems to break your fall and preserve your movement just as well as the previous trick did.

It’s not even necessarily any tougher to pull off either, as you can see in the clip below from Reddit user Toyo0821; all you need to do is make melee contact with a perpendicular surface on your way down, and you should be good.


When falling, you cannot break your fall by punching or kicking the ground. You can however, break your fall by hitting a vertical wall or surface instead; from apexuniversity

Even though the original Season One mechanic was patched out by Respawn, many players from that time still instinctively melee before they hit the ground anyway. In this case, it would be pretty simple to keep doing that but just aim for walls and other, similar things on the way down instead.

The advantages of doing this during a firefight are obvious, but it can also help keep you on your toes in between fights.

So while it’s still around, there’s no reason to not be training yourself to do it without thinking if you want to improve your skills.