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How to access Apex Legends vaults without a key by using Rampart exploit

Published: 3/Jan/2022 12:19

by Alex Garton


An exploit involving Rampart is allowing players to gain access to Vaults on World’s Edge without a key in Apex Legends.

While gunskill will always be the most important factor in an Apex Legends match, loot plays a huge part in which squad comes out on top.

So, in order to get an advantage over their opponents, a lot of players will drop down into locations where they feel the best items are available.

However, no matter where you drop in any of the maps, it’s rare you’ll ever match the contents of a World’s Edge Vault. These locked rooms are often filled with some of the best attachments and items in the game, but you’ll need to find a key first.


Well, that was until players realized they can use an exploit involving Rampart’s Ultimate to glitch inside, take all of the loot, and escape without a trace.

Apex Legends vault
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Worlds Edge Vaults are filled to the brim with top-tier loot.

Apex Legends TikTok shows how to access Vaults with no key

All the back in May of 2021, Apex players realized they could access World’s Edge Vaults using Wraith’s Tactical, an exploit that was later patched. Now, a new way of accessing the rooms has been found and it involves Rampart.

As showcased by TikTok creator rossbobsquirrel, all players need to do is have their back against the Vault doors while placing down Sheila. After that, it’s just a case of placing two Amped Covers in front of the minigun and one on the side.


Then, simply hop onto the minigun and jump off backwards until you phase through the doors, giving you access to all of the loot inside the Vault.

Ross even mentions that you can use Revenant’s Death Totem Ultimate to escape the room after picking up the loot.


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Similar to the Wraith exploit, this bug will definitely be fixed in a future update or maybe even a hotfix if Respawn believes it’s necessary.

Having access to Vault loot every single game can give certain players a big advantage in their matches, especially if they can get their hands on Gold EVO armor or a helmet.


Not only that, no one wants to be the squad that turns up to a Vault with a key and realizes that all of the loot has already been taken.