How many Apex Legends cheaters have been banned so far?

Joe Craven
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment, developers of the popular FPS battle royale game Apex Legends, have provided an official update on the current situation of the game. 

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Since its explosion in popularity following its February release, Apex Legends, the Titanfall-esque battle royale game, has faced an increasing problem with people cheating in order to gain an in-game advantage.

As is the case with most new games, certain players quickly try to find ways of cheating in order to be more successful. Many members of the gaming community have voiced their opinions, including Dr Disrespect, who called for improvements to the game’s methods of dealing with hackers.

Twitch/Dr DisrespectPopular Twitch entertainer Dr DisRespect recently hit out at Respawn and EA for the number of hackers.
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There have been numerous responses to the issue, from the development of a report system so players can quickly and directly report players they suspect of cheating, to hilarious suggestions of forcing all cheaters to play against one another.

Now, Respawn have posted an official Reddit update stating that, as of March 8, they have banned over 355,000 players on PC through their prevention system called ‘Easy-Anti-Cheat’. 

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The incredible number of cheaters already banned reflects the vast popularity of the game, as well as Respawn’s commitment to combatting cheating.

The post goes on to explain that they are exploring a number of avenues in the fight against cheating, including consulting specifically with EA and “scaling up” their anti-cheat team and resources. 

They also state they cannot go into too much detail with regards potential changes as they “don’t want them [cheaters] to see us coming”.

Twitch / MobadostvEven a partnered Twitch streamer was caught cheating on Apex Legends.
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Outside of cheating, Respawn also provided an update on other known issues with the game, such as crashes and potential dips in server speed at the start of games. If you are experiencing crashes whilst playing the game, check out our tips on how to prevent these errors.

While there is still a long way to go in the “fight”  against cheaters, it is clear that Respawn are doing all they can to ensure the average player’s experience is not ruined.  

We’ll continue to update this page as fresh statistics about ban numbers are released.