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Horizon buffed in Apex Legends Season 10, but Legendary skin gets roasted

Published: 27/Jul/2021 19:02

by David Purcell


Respawn Entertainment have confirmed Horizon will be getting a welcome buff in Apex Legends Season 10, but players aren’t too happy with the new Legendary skin that’s being added with the Battle Pass. 

The next major update is called Emergence and drops on August 3, 2021, with a number of details already revealed for the patch notes.

Some of the game’s Legends will be hit with game changes, too, as a number of buffs and nerfs have been confirmed ahead of time.

One of those affected is Horizon, who has been downtuned on multiple occasions in recent seasons, but this time there is a chance that she’ll come back up the game’s tier list with scheduled tweaks.


Horizon buff explained in Apex Legends Season 10

horizon skin apex season 10
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon gets a new look in Apex Legends Season 10 and players are not impressed.

According to Respawn, Horizon’s movement speed nerf will be reverted in Season 10 when using the Gravity Lift – but not fully.

This will make the Scottish fighter more mobile while using the Lift, which her mains are excited about.

New Horizon Legendary skin isn’t a hit

However, there is something they are a lot less thrilled over, and that’s her new Legendary skin.

The game’s dev team have unveiled two for the next season, one for Horizon and another for Valkyrie. The former, though, has been facing some stern criticism since it was revealed.

People are not happy with the makeup.

Apex Legends Reddit

Legendary skins are in short supply for Apex Legends with just a few Legends picked each season to get a new look, which may explain the frustration from Horizon mains.


Similar comments could also be found on Reddit, with one player writing: “I thought Loba’s makeup was bad.”

The thread below has over 8,500 upvotes at the time of writing.

And I thought loba’s makeup was bad…. from apexlegends

Another posted: “They do it on male characters, too. They f**k Mirage over every time they paint his face.”

It’s all confirmed now, though, so it’s extremely unlikely Respawn Entertainment will change it.