HisWattson explains why Ash isn’t viable in ALGS after major buffs

HisWattson Ash Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: HisWattson

Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has explained why Ash still isn’t a strong enough pick for the ALGS despite receiving huge buffs to her Tactical.

Since her release, Ash has been a fan-favorite character in Apex Legends thanks to her Titanfall roots and aggressive kit.

However, in recent seasons, the Incisive Instigator’s pick rate has been slowly dropping, so Respawn decided to implement some major buffs to her Tactical in the Sun Squad Collection Event on March 28.

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While these have resulted in her pick rate spiking upwards by 10%, she hasn’t broken into the competitive meta just yet.

Well, FURIA pro HisWattson spoke about Ash on stream and explained why she isn’t a viable option in the ALGS even after her Tactical improvements.

Apex Legends Ash buffsRespawn Entertainment
Ash has a 3.8% pick rate in Apex Legends Season 16.

HisWattson says “one dimensional” Ash isn’t viable in ALGS

For HisWattson, the biggest problem is that Ash is “one-dimensional” and her abilities are “not multi-purpose” so it’s hard to justify fitting her into a team comp over a stronger Legend.

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The FURIA pro did make it clear that one-dimensional characters like Fuse do have a role in competitive play, but they have to be “f***ing insane” at their specific job.

Unfortunately, in his opinion, there is no scenario in an ALGS match where Ash is ever going to be “OP” in her current state.

So, it’s usually better to opt for a more well-rounded Legend that can bring significantly more value to the squad.

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With no “niche” or standout feature in her kit that separates her from the roster, it’s unlikely Ash will be breaking into the ALGS meta anytime soon.

Despite this, that doesn’t mean she’s a bad pick for Ranked or casual play, as her Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate all come together to create an aggressive kit that’s perfect for hunting down kills.

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