HisWattson blasts Apex Legends matchmaking again as Rookies face Preds

Apex Legends Predator Rookie playerRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has slammed Respawn’s matchmaking once again after seeing that Rookie players are being placed against Predators.

While the Apex Legends community is constantly suggesting ways for the devs to improve the game, nothing is mentioned more than matchmaking.

Skill differential in lobbies has been a serious problem in Respawn’s battle royale for a long time, but finally, on January 17, a blog post was released explaining how they’re going to improve the quality of matches.

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Following this on January 20, Respawn released another statement to European players that they may experience “unusual pairings” in Ranked on account of their testing and attempts to improve the system.

Well, since then Apex pro HisWattson has taken to Twitter to reveal that Rookies are being placed against Predator players in the competitive mode. Not only that, the replies to his tweet are filled with countless other players facing the same top-tier opponents despite being in Silver and Bronze.

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Loba Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Respawn has revealed exactly how they’re going to improve matchmaking in the future with a blog post.

HisWattson shows Rookie players are being placed against Preds

Taking to Twitter on January 20, HisWattson showcased that a level 37 Rookie player had been killed by a Predator while playing Ranked.

Describing the matchmaking as “foul”, it’s obvious Wattson was left in disbelief that these two players could ever get into the same lobby.

After seeing the tweet, other Apex players decided to reply with their own bad matchmaking experiences.

Twitter user Sheepy presented one of the most shocking examples, with the gold player being pitted against a 3-stack Pred squad who all hold top spots on the Ranked ladder.

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While Respawn warned players that “usual pairings” may pop up while they’re experimenting with the matchmaking, it’s clear the community is losing patience.

The Rookie tier was designed to prevent new players from getting disheartened in Ranked, so there’s definitely a problem if they’re going up against the best competitors in the world.

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