Hilarious secret Octane “finisher” discovered in Apex Legends

Theo Salaun
octane apex legends
Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends player base has made a surprising discovery: there’s a (slight) possibility that Octane can quickly finish downed enemies off by throwing his Launch Pad on top of them.

Downing enemies is half the battle in Apex Legends, with opposing teams and golden knockdown shields driving the ever-present potential that someone can return from being knocked to exact their revenge upon you. So, finishing off fallen foes is crucial and players are understandably committed to doing so (aside from just for the simple pleasure of thirsting and adding to your stats).

As such, the Apex player base is always looking for the simplest ways to secure their eliminations and turn a potential enemy into a respawn banner. For much of the game’s lifespan, there have been only two means of finishing off downed opponents: damaging them (with your choice of weapon, melee, or grenade) or executing a cinematic finisher.

But sometimes you’re either not close enough to melee, don’t want to waste ammunition, or simply don’t trust the time (and vulnerability) of performing a finisher. As seen in the preceding clip, you are incredibly susceptible to damage in the act of execution so maybe it’s not the optimal strategy.

Instead, a new third opportunity seems to have arisen for the Stim-fueled Octane mains out there, as proponents of the speedy Legend have discovered that he, fittingly, might possess a quick way to turn pesky downs into confirmed kills. 


As shown in a clip from ‘MC4Veteran’ on Reddit, Octane tosses his jump pad on top of a downed enemy with them dying immediately upon impact. Now, it’s entirely possible that this is a consequence of the downed enemy’s teammate being killed at precisely the exact moment of Octane’s bouncy pad making contact, but more research is required to be certain.

With any proper scientific study, a large sample size is required to be certain of anything. In this case, the hypothesis is that jump pads can finish players off and the supporting evidence is this ridiculous clip and a history of bugged Apex trampolines killing friends and foes alike (as numerous Reddit commenters have alluded to). 

Sure, it’s possible that the bad guy’s friend died in a perfectly coincidental time, but how much more likely would that be? Regardless, more research needs to be conducted because Octane mains deserve to know just how powerful they truly may or may not be.