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Hilarious Apex Legends exploit lets players emote while moving around the map

Published: 9/May/2021 21:06 Updated: 9/May/2021 21:10

by Julian Young


Apex Legends Season 9, officially called Legacy, introduced the battle royale’s first set of ground emotes, and some players have already found a clever way to fly around the game’s various maps while using these gestures.

Season 9 added a heap of new content to Apex Legends, including the game’s first ground emotes. While players could already express themselves with skydive emotes during the initial jump into the arena, they can finally do so with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Prior to the launch of Legacy, Respawn revealed their plans to stop the use of emotes for three peaking (using the third-person view provided by emotes to gain a tactical advantage), but it seems players have found an even better and funnier way to use the emotes for an unintended purpose.


While experimenting with the ground emotes in Apex Legends’ firing range, some clever players discovered that with a bit of effort and perfect timing, you can force your character into their emote animation while moving around the map, resulting in some truly hilarious shenanigans.

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Wraith Ground Emote 2
Reddit / 'u/jerky_mcjeffsters'
Players have already found a (thankfully) harmless way to push ground emotes beyond their intended use.

One Apex Legends player shared a hysterical clip on Reddit where they and their teammates found a way to exploit the game’s new ground emotes for an extremely funny (and completely harmless) acrobatics extravaganza.

In the clip, a player using Octane activated one of his emotes while sprinting forward, and instead of stopping and emoting in place, the character threw down his jump pad and proceeded to show off some gymnastics moves while the jump pad slid seamlessly forward.


“My friends and I found out in [the firing range] that if you sprint forward, jump, and hold space, you can emote while moving. We decided to test our luck in trios,” the player shared, explaining how they and their teammates were able to pull off the incredible stunt.

So you can bounce around using emotes… from apexlegends

It doesn’t appear the exploit is limited to a certain character either. The player’s teammates were able to pull off similar feats as well — the Bangalore hopped around the map doing handstands, while the Mirage bounced around dancing without a care in the world.

Unfortunately, it seems the exploit is limited to PC only. For players on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t seem possible to pull off the combination of button inputs required to make use of the exploit (sprint, jump, hold jump, select an emote).


The post on Reddit was met with huge support from the community. “This should never be removed,” one player replied, and the poster strongly agreed: “Please don’t fix this Respawn!”

While it seems unlikely that Respawn will leave this exploit untouched since it deviates from intended functionality so greatly, perhaps players might see an “Emote Only” LTM in a future event, where all players can take full advantage of the ground emotes’ unintended side effect.