Handy Horizon Ult trick to outplay door campers in Apex Legends

Jacob Hale
Apex Legends Horizon ultimate black hole
Respawn Entertainment

If you’re looking for new ways to counter door campers in Apex Legends, Horizon might offer the perfect solution with her Black Hole ultimate.

Horizon is the latest Legend to be added to the Apex Games, arriving at the start of Season 7, dubbed the ‘Gravitational Manipulator’ because of her abilities’ focus on exactly that — reversing or controlling gravity.

She brings a very different dynamic to Apex gameplay if you play as her, and has clearly made a big impact on the meta. As it stands, she is head-to-head with Wraith for win rate, which shows just how effective she can be — hence why the devs are planning to nerf her.

Now, you can see why she’s so popular, with tricks like this one making her the gold standard in attacking even enemies who are behind closed doors.

Horizon apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon was introduced in Season 7.

While Horizon’s Passive and Tactical abilities are both impressive and helpful to navigating the game, her Ultimate ability, Black Hole, can be instrumental in changing your fortune — and incredibly frustrating to play against.

Apex Legends players will commonly use doors to their advantage. For example, you can sit behind them to keep an eye on enemies while you heal or revive a teammate.

While door camping is fairly common in the game, this clip from friarface shows just how devastating Horizon’s Black Hole can be, as she throws it down and immediately starts dragging enemies in through the door, throwing a couple of Thermite grenades at them for good measure.

The Black Hole essentially makes using the doors for cover useless and allows Horizon and her teammates to keep attacking their opponents, which is especially frustrating for them as they were trying to get the revive off.

It’s unclear yet how exactly Respawn plans on nerfing Horizon, so you’ll probably want to try this trick soon, as it might be too late once the patch comes in.

And next time you try to take cover behind a door, maybe do a quick scout of the area to make sure Horizon isn’t knocking about nearby.