Gold Apex Legends ranked player gets matched against Top 5 Predator and players can’t believe it

Apex Legends ranked Gold player against PredatorRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends ranked matchmaking woes continue as a Gold ranked player gets put in a game against a champion squad made up of 3 Predator players, one of them ranked top 5.

The ranked changes that were rolled out in Apex Legends Season 13 were controversial at the time, and Season 14 doesn’t seem to have fixed some of players’ biggest gripes.

It’s a lot harder to rank up than it was before Season 13, and risk/reward is much higher with kills and assists having no RP cap with the Season 14 changes.

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Apex Legends ranked in Season 14 has some serious issues

The best Apex Legends players are thriving in Season 14, but ranked matchmaking sometimes has some difficulty finding good opponents for players that accelerate through the ranks so quickly.

These matchmaking issues have hit critical mass, with a Gold ranked player (u/LazyHitman1) getting matchmade against some of the best Apex Legends ranked players in the world.

Matchmaking at the start of this clip was already a bit skewed with Octane being matched with a Plat 1 player from Gold II, but these players were still fairly close in rank.

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Then the champion squad showed up.


Three Predator ranked players, one of them top 5 on the server. Their player were cards embroidered with Predator badges from previous seasons.

While there have been some players accused of boosting to Predator, it’s safe to say that players ranked so highly with so many Predator badges have earned their stripes and belong at that rank.

These issues aren’t isolated to high ranks, either. For instance, this Platinum player (u/Pleasant_Corgi) got matched with someone who was still Rookie rank, the very lowest rank in Apex Legends.

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All of this on top of the fact that Apex Legends still has a massive player count across multiple platforms. In fact, Apex Legends beat its player count peak in Season 14.

Clearly, there’s no lack of players to match with in populated regions. Yet there are many examples of matchmaking not working properly, and players getting put in lobbies way above (or below) their skill level.

Whether or not Respawn can resolve these serious matchmaking issues remains to be seen.

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