Gibraltar dome shield nerf idea could be the solution to his kit in Apex Legends

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In an attempt to balance Gibraltar in competitive Apex Legends, a player has developed a nerf concept to make his Tactical less oppressive.

For multiple seasons, Gibraltar has been in a strange position in Apex Legends where his popularity in standard matches is incredibly low, but he remains a staple member of every single competitive squad.

This is due to his Dome of Protection that allows him to deploy a huge protective shield, an ability that is invaluable at the highest level of play.

Unfortunately, this contrast between competitive and standard matches makes Gibraltar extremely difficult to balance and while the devs have confirmed they’re weighing up potential solutions, they’re yet to decide on which changes to make.

So, instead of waiting for Respawn to fix the issue, a modder has decided to develop their own concept and balance the dome themselves.

Apex Legends GibraltarRespawn Entertainment
Gibraltar has a 3.8% pick rate.

Gibraltar nerf concept makes his dome destructible

Apex Legends modder Archtux has suggested balancing Gibraltar’s Tactical by nerfing its offensive power but still allowing it to be used for cover when getting shot from a distance.

Their solution involves adding wind-up time for the dome to activate after it’s been thrown, as well as making the device in the middle of the shield destructible.

This means the only way enemies can destroy the shield is by getting inside of it and destroying the device on the floor.

While this wouldn’t prevent a team from using the dome for cover, it would stop Gibraltar’s from instantly deploying a shield in the middle of a close-range gunfight.

Although Archtux’s concept would certainly make Gibraltar less of a must-pick Legend in competitive, it’s unlikely to aid his popularity in standard matches.

That’s the biggest challenge with Gibraltar in his current state, Respawn needs to ensure when they do make changes, he becomes more fun and balanced at the same time.

This is definitely not an easy task, but Archtux’s idea at least shows there are ways of nerfing Gibraltar without making him useless in the current meta.