Genius Horizon ultimate trick is perfect to bamboozle enemies in Apex Legends

. 4 months ago
apex legends horizon black hole ultimate
Respawn Entertainment

A simple Apex Legends trick can give Horizon players a perfect way to bamboozle opponents in the battle royale with a clever use of her ultimate.

Ever since Horizon joined the Apex Games at the start of Season 7, people have enjoyed limit-testing her abilities to see how they can outwit the competition.

Since her release, the Gravitational Manipulator has been praised for her unique mobility among the cast of characters.

People can rely on Horizon to get them out of bad situations. And now, some people are even discovering how deceptive she can be with alternate uses for her ult.

apex legends horizon
Respawn Entertainment
Apex legends players are getting crafty with Horizon’s ultimate ability, Black Hole.

Reddit user ‘i3lackpink’ found an interesting way to use the Black Hole ultimate to give Horizon and her team additional cover on the battlefield.

“Hide in the lightning effects,” they suggested. “Black Hole is loud. Good for popping heals and even [reviving a teammate].”

By nestling into a friendly Black Hole ult, players can use the ability’s effects for a bit of cover should they find themselves in a pinch.

This trick can easily fool opponents since they likely won’t expect there to be a player at the center of the Black Hole.

Moreover, the device that creates the ultimate can take 175 points of damage, making it a perfect barrier to pop heals, shields, and even a Phoenix kit, i3lackpink said.

Respawn Entertainment’s genre-defining BR lets players choose a unique Legend with a set toolkit of abilities. But the Apex community routinely finds ways to stretch the bounds of what characters can do to tailor the experience to their needs.

As more people catch on to Horizon’s tricks, we’ll see how these tactics evolve with one of the more popular picks in Apex Legends.

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