Game-breaking Apex Legends exploit makes Caustic completely invincible to bullets

Caustic with Nox Gas TrapsRespawn Entertainment

Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps are making the Toxic Trapper completely invincible to bullets, giving players an unfair advantage over their foes. 

Apex Legends Season 13 is in full swing and while many players are currently getting to grips with Newcastle, it’s Caustic that should be feared. Following on from his Nox Gas Trap changes, the toxic Defender now has an incredibly broken exploit that renders him completely impervious to bullets. 

Combine this with the game’s current hit-reg issues and you have a recipe for some extremely frustrating scenarios. While Caustic is one of the least picked Legends in the current meta, being unkillable is certainly a strength many characters could only dream to achieve. 

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Apex Legends Caustic bug makes Legend invincible to bullets

Caustic inside Nox Gas TrapsSkeptation/Respawn Entertainment
This exploit can give Caustic players an unfair advantage.

Originally, Caustic mains could hide within their own traps and use them as a way to ambush and shield themselves from enemy players. Not only was this tactic fairly potent for wracking up kills, but it also led to some rather frustrating moments for his enemies. 

In order to address this issue, Respawn has adjusted the ability to make it less oppressive. Now the Toxic Defender’s Nox Gas Traps stay uninflated if Caustic gets too close to them, completely removing his ability to set up camp within them. 

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Well, this isn’t exactly the case – in fact, Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, highlighted a game-breaking exploit that makes Caustic invincible to bullets. While the Legend’s Nox Gas Traps won’t inflate when he’s near them, the original hitbox for the ability still remains. 

This means Caustic can surround himself with traps and use them as cover. As the traps technically haven’t been activated, they take no damage from bullets, making them completely invincible to bullets. 

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If you do find someone using this exploit, then simply use grenades or other explosives to eliminate him. Skeptation also notes that players can melee Caustic to knock him out of his defensive position. 

Of course, like most game-breaking bugs and exploits, it’s best to avoid them as the devs will likely issue bans to anyone abusing them. Hopefully, Respawn will address this bug quickly, but in the meantime, it’s best to exercise caution when dealing with Caustic. 

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