Fuse heirloom idea is perfect accessory for Apex Legends’ explosive hero

Connor Bennett
Fuse eyeing up a beer bottle in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have come up with an Heirloom concept for Fuse that would perfectly fit his backstory and isn’t completely outrageous like some others. 

While there are plenty of cosmetics to collect in Apex Legends, there are none more sought after than Heirlooms.

These melee weapons are given to one character per season and are incredibly hard to get your hands on – unless you’ve got the time and money to rip open a whole load of packs or have some spare Heirloom shards laying around.

The Heirloom designs usually play into a character’s backstory, adding to their already deep lore, which makes them fascinating to some creative players who want to chip in with their own suggestions.

Respawn Entertainment
Fuse joined the Apex Legends party at the start of Season 8.

Well, even though he may have slipped down the tier lists, there are fans who want to see Fuse get an Heirloom sooner rather than later, and Redditor RosieAndSquishy might just have the perfect idea.

Using the golden grenade that played a huge role in Fuse’s Stories from the Outland video, the Apex fan has devised a set of brass – well, rather gold – knuckles known as the ‘Knuckle Buster.’ Which, yes, is a play on his Knuckle Cluster ability.

The concept fits Fuse in a whole host of ways and picked up plenty of support from other players too. “Love it. This fits him perfectly,” said one. “I genuinely love this,” added another.

Though, of course, other fans have different suggestions – ranging from a broken beer bottle, a Crocodile Dundee-like knife, and even using his blown-off arm – which would be incredibly gruesome.

As good as the concepts are, Respawn have stated previously that they can’t really use fan ideas straight up and they’d have to add their own spin. But who knows, maybe they’ve already been cooking something like this up.