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All leaked and teased content coming to Apex Legends in Season 1: Wild Frontier

Published: 26/Mar/2019 15:18 Updated: 27/Mar/2019 16:25

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment teased the future arrival of some incredible new content for Apex Legends before Season 1 got underway. There’s a lot of interesting items and features to look forward to, so let’s take a look at the entire list of things you can soon expect to see in Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Wild Frontier launched on March 19, promising plenty of new content for players of the popular battle royale title.

Fans who have purchased the season pass have already unlocked a plethora of new skins, alongside a new character – Octane. However, the demand for more content is ever-growing and some eager fans have wasted little time in hyping up some of the unreleased features already. 

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesLegends like Lifeline have already received new looks in Season One.

One fan, Reddit user FrozenFroh, has put together a full list of the different types of content that have been teased to be a part of Season 1 – ranging from weapons and an additional Legend to play with, to changes to the current map by restoring some damaged locations.

In FrozenFroh’s snazzy graphic, evidence has been presented from a number of different pre-Season 1 announcements from Respawn. One of the main teases, the much-anticipated L-Star weapon, has still yet to be added to the game – even though stats for the gun were leaked back in early February.


FrozenFroh also points out that fans have seen images of a re-constructed Thunderdome area – in what could signal the first major map change in the future. 

There’s also the question of a new Legend. Wattson has been teased for some time, popping up in leaks shortly after information Octane began being released. The character, who looks set to be centered around electrical abilities, is seemingly the next Legend to be added to the game – although, it’s still up in the air as to when it’ll be released. 

The L-Star appeared prior to the season one teaser but has to be released.

It remains to be seen if Respawn adds any of this batch of content any time soon, or if they have plans to introduce all of it towards the end of Season 1 in a bid to build hype for Season 2. 

Wild Frontier might have just begun, but details about Season 2, which has been rumored to begin around June 5, have already surfaced. 

As with any leak or unofficial reveal of game information, there’s a chance that plans could change and it’s quite possible that Respawn showed off some of these teases, including the interestingly rebuilt Thunderdome, and scrapped their plans for one reason or another. 

We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends changing name of Inauguration Ship to avoid confusion

Published: 17/Jan/2021 20:00

by Tanner Pierce


A Respawn Entertainment developer has confirmed that, with the next Apex Legends update releasing during the week of January 17, the name of the Inauguration Ship Season 8 teaser will be changed in order to avoid confusion surrounding the upcoming United States Presidential Inauguration.

With Season 8 of Apex Legends quickly approaching, teasers for it have been starting to crop-up in-game, with one of the most interesting being the Inauguration Ship seen floating above the map.

The name, however, has nothing to do with the upcoming US Presidential Inauguration, which is occurring on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 – so in order to avoid confusion with that major event, the developers have decided to change the name of it to the Ceremony Ship.

According to Ryan Rigney, the director of communications over at Respawn Entertainment, the decision was made to avoid people thinking that the developers were “doing commentary about current events,” and considering how close we are to the actual inauguration, it makes sense.

Rigney added that they didn’t initially mean to cause confusion and that the name “Inauguration Ship” was something that they had picked out a while ago and it just happened to line up with current events.

“Better safe than sorry,” he tweeted.

In terms of what will actually be edited in-game, Rigney confirmed that the change won’t be too significant, stating that he believes the only thing of note will be a text file that appeared when pinging the ship in-game. Of course, the name change means that any new pieces of lore in Apex will refer to the ship with the appropriate title as well.

Right now, the Ceremony Ship is one of the most notable hints for Season 8 occurring in-game, aside from the new abilities teasers that have been found, which belong to the upcoming Legend named Fuse.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything else comes out of the ship before the new season’s start in early February.