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Frustrating Apex Legends shield swap bug leaves players vulnerable

Published: 20/Jan/2020 20:17

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players are getting left defenseless from an apparent glitch when trying to quickly swap out Body Armors – and it’s starting to cause some headaches on World’s Edge.

The Grand Soiree event is in full swing with the occasion bringing in tons of skins, new LTMs, as well as buffs that has some characters shining for the first time in a long while, but the Apex experience is still lacking in some regards.

Players are coming across bugs throughout their matches in the Apex Games, some of which have the potential to influence their run at a Champions screen should it affect them.


Octane in Worlds Edge on Apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Looks like a bug is making it hard for some Apex Legends players to swap out armor in the heat of battle.

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That happened to be the case for Reddit user ‘JEFFTRIB’ who was having a spot of trouble switching out his tattered Body Armor in a desperate situation.

The player and his team were in a heated battle against another squad, and after knocking down an enemy Mirage, JEFFTRIB was on the lookout for fresh armor to continue the fight.

But on two occasions, the player tried to swap out to a Common Body Shield but noticed that the gear wouldn’t stick.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on the respawn/revive bugs, but what a bout the shield swap one? Am I the only one who gets this a lot?? from apexlegends

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“I’ve seen a lot of posts on the respawn/revive bugs, but what about the shield swap one?” they said. “Am I the only one who gets this a lot?”


Some players were saying that it looks as if the player simply “double tapped armor swap and went back to blue by accident,” which would make a ton of sense in the heat of battle.

But more members of the Apex community chimed in with their accounts for the same bug cropping up in their matches.

Apex Legends body armor not swapping
JEFFTRIB via Reddit
Even though it looked like the Apex Legends player swapped armors, they still had a hold on their broken blue shield.

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“Happened to me last night,” user ‘mason_sol’ said. “Running for my life, keep getting little hits, try to swap out for a fresh blue, looks like it did but then doesn’t? Same as your video, fortunately I lived and found cells.”


It seems like a few members have come across the glitch themselves, and are also hoping for a fix from the devs soon.

Respawn Entertainment has been picking up the pace on the turn-around for fixing these issues like they did with the revive issues in the game, so it might not be long before the devs look into this one.