Frustrating Apex Legends looting bug is ruining Ranked matches

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends players have been encountering a new bug that is preventing them from finishing matches in ranked mode and costing them Ranked Points.

After calls upon calls for a ranked mode from fans, Respawn Entertainment introduced the additional mode back in season two – giving fans the chance to pit their skills against some of the best players around.

As the game has been updated and the new seasons have been introduced, the ranked mode has evolved – adding splits and even the return of Kings Canyon in Season 4. However, a new problem has begun rearing its head that is preventing players from finishing their matches and costing them some valuable Ranked Points.

Respawn Entertainment
Ranked matches have become a proving ground for Apex Legends fans.

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Reddit user Bayareavuln shed some light on the issue with a video from a recent game of theirs showing what exactly is the matter. As the Redditor attempted to grab a medkit from a supply bin, they found themselves unable to do so despite multiple attempts. 

After a few seconds, their game crashed and an error message appeared on screen before the players were sent back to the pre-game lobby. Once there, the post-match summary appeared and showed that they’d suffered a loss of Ranked Points for exiting early, though it was no fault of their own. 

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Bayareavuln hasn’t been alone in suffering the issues though, as other Redditors noted that they’d fallen victim to it. “Happened to me 5 times this season, always late game too,” commented thecroman.

Another, fas_ierai, added: “This happened to me. Last squad in a 200 point game I was beyond pissed and instantly closed the application.” 

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With players in the thread calling on Respawn to get a fix in place for the new error, they’ll be hoping that it is addressed sooner rather than later.

Though the developers have been active on the subreddit in the past, they haven’t responded to the post in question so it remains to be seen as to whether or not they are aware of it.