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Frustrating Apex Legends bug causes Grenades & Arc Stars to disappear

by Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment


A frustrating Apex Legends bug is preventing players from easily using Frag Grenades and Thermites, as well as Arc Stars – and now the community is requesting a fix from the devs.

The glitch stops the equipment from showing up on the HUD. It isn’t purely visual either, since pushing ‘G,’ the default shortcut to equip a grenade, fails to equip the utility.

In the heat of battle, players rely on their muscle memory in relation to their keys to properly navigate through a fight and a bug like this throws a wrench in the machine if a person comes across it.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players are encountering a bug that prevents them from equipping grenades.


“This is a bug where when you pick up a grenade (and Arc Star/Thermite),” Reddit user ‘lolipop69696969’ explained. “It doesn't show up and pressing G won't bring up either, the only way is to use the grenade list. Please fix it Devs.”

Their clip shows them as Wattson in the Firing Range running about the various items on the floor. After looting a pack of SMG rounds, they pick up the Arc Star located just beside it.

Only thing is that when Wattson picked the electric utility, it didn’t appear in its designed slot on the bottom of the screen.


After noticing that it wouldn’t equip, the player opened up their inventory to manually equip the Arc Star but to no avail.

It wasn’t until they had to bring up the Grenade wheel that they could scroll through the types and finally equip the Arc Star to their character.

There are more pressing issues with Apex, such as its netcode and other bugs, that demand the attention of the devs. But it is proving to be problematic for people who aren’t expecting their grenades to be disabled.

lolipop69696969 via Reddit
The player had to access the scroll wheel to equip their Arc Star.


“Man this has happened to me too,” user ‘lktae’ said. “I'm on the PS4 and I just thought it was me.”

Lolipop’s video was taken on the PC version and it seems like console players can come across the bug as well.

If more players start reporting similar problems, then it could be something that Respawn looks to patch up as soon as possible.