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Fresh Apex Legends leaks reveal Storm Point changes for Season 13

Published: 3/Apr/2022 15:28

by Connor Bennett


Storm Point looks to be getting some pretty big changes in Apex Legends Season 13, with leaks suggesting that players will be able to call upon the Spectres from Titanfall as allies. 

Apex Legends Season 12 has helped breathe some new life into Respawn’s popular battle royale, with the addition of Mad Maggie and the new Control LTM. Though, there are plenty of players looking forward to what’s next.

Season 13, which has yet to be given a name, is likely to launch in the second week of May – with May 10 currently the date that everybody has their eye on.

Of course, the massive new update will bring a new legend – possibly Newcastle or Vantage – and quite possibly a new weapon as well. On top of that, it looks like some familiar faces from Titanfall will also be descending onto Storm Point.


Apex Legends Season 12
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Season 13 of Apex Legends is expected in early to mid May and will bring another new character.

Apex Legends dataminers Shrugtal and SomeoneWhoLeaks both pointed out that the Command Center POI and other screens across Storm Point have got teaser images on them relating to the IMC.

If you’ve not seen them, the images show a gun rack, an armory, the IMC logo, and supply bins – which are likely the new Smart Supply Bins that will give you loot relating to your loadout at the time.

According to Shrugtal, the screens are teasing the arrival of Spectres as controllable allies in Season 13. “Likely going to be a POI feature where you can interact with some control panel to gain them as temporary allies, likely as the “draw” for that new area,” the leaker said.


On top of that, if you’ve managed to spot the Leviathans that are now hanging off the coast of Storm Point, they will likely also have a roll to play in the map changes.

SomeoneWhoLeaks showed that there are Leviathan Bones in the game’s files, likely relating to some sort of battle where the pair end up scattered on the map.

Both leakers have proven to be reliable before, and there’s little reason to doubt them here, but Respawn always has the final call on major changes.

We’ll just have to wait and see when exactly these start to roll out, and if they’ll be permanent changes for the new season or just a part of the teasers.