Freaky Apex Legends bug is making Crypto randomly lie down in matches

. 4 months ago
crypto looking at object
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been left dumbfounded after witnessing a bizarre malfunction with Crypto. The character is currently suffering a problem that causes his model to bounce around before suddenly lying down flat.

Whether it’s because of his incredibly low pick rate in Apex Legends, or because he just fancies being different, Crypto is currently a menace. The character is known for being tricky and informative with his useful recon gadgets, but it seems like he’s acting out at present.

The Season 3 addition has been caught behaving rather irrationally during several games of Apex Legends, making him very hard to hit due to a bizarre glitch.

crypto looking to his side
Respawn Entertainment
Is Crypto’s strange behavior going to last? Maybe we need to pick him more.

Apex Legends Crypto chaos

Yes, of all of the game’s Legends, Crypto is not one that immediately springs to most players’ minds. He’s not necessarily a bad selection, it’s just that other picks either offer more during a game or have since usurped him.

Either way, he seems to be lashing out in protest as several users have recorded the recon savant staking a claim to be picked more often. His new ability seems to be a passive twitch that causes him to jet around haphazardly and immediately lie flat.

As you can see, whatever is causing this issue is making Crypto unpredictable and very hard to hit. It’s not just his general movement, but animations whilst using weapons too.

But as we’ve said, it’s not a one-off occurrence either. In addition to Twitter user EXO inqo’s example above, CodyC23 also found that Crypto was doing these things during games too.

Despite being a master of information on the battlefield, his newfound athletic process is currently making Crypto an unbelievable threat in Apex Legends.

Obviously, this is an unruly glitch that is presumably a new addition to the game via a recent update. We expect Respawn Entertainment will be on the case sharpish to fix it and put an end to Crypto’s tantrums once and for all.

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