Fed up Apex Legends Loba main spotted in ALGS crowd campaigning for major bug fix

Apex Legends Global Series Championship logoEA/ALGS

The Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship went down on the weekend of July 9 and one passionate Loba enthusiast found a creative way to continue the campaign for a major bug fix while hanging out in the crowd.

It’s a longstanding tradition for Apex fans to gather online to amplify requests for in-game fixes when something is broken, but this hero-of-the-people too things a step further by bringing the call-to-action to Apex’s doorstep.

As the ALGS Championship roared on, the camera highlighted the bold request and gave the rest of the world a laugh at the same time.

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apex legends loba braceletRespawn Entertainment
Loba’s tactical is very buggy – and the latest problem has hung around for quite some time.

Apex Legends fan requests fix for Loba bracelet in iconic fashion at ALGS Championship

It was easy to miss for those that weren’t looking closely, but a brave soul carrying a tri-color sign stole the show when they lifted up to show the world.

“Fix Loba’s Bracelet,” it read.

This is, of course, in reference to the game-breaking bug where Loba’s tactical cancels no matter how the person playing her is attempting to use it. That problem was first noticed weeks ago but has yet to be resolved even after the mid-season update that brought the new map rotation and ranked split.

Apex players are no strangers to dramatic protests but this is by far the most dedication exhibited by a single fan that we’ve seen yet. As for the update, there hasn’t been much word from Respawn on when a change will be made, but we’ll bring the latest updates whenever they inevitably arrive.

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