Fan-made Apex Legends anime intro looks incredible and Respawn dev agrees

apex legends bangalore fuse lifeline animeDavid Production / Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community has been hyped for Season 8’s launch, and an opening sequence with a classic anime twist is exactly what players will need to get amped for the next chapter of the battle royale.

Using the sounds of Fire Force’s Season 2 opening, YouTuber ‘TiesvanderTies’ stitched together some of the most epic moments to come out of Respawn Entertainments’ studio throughout the years.

The trailer involves a ton of attention to detail considering how anime openings typically give the audience a general overlook of the main characters involved as well as a cursory glance at smaller sequences of action that we can expect.

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In perfect stride, TiesvanderTies showed how Season 8 would translate to an anime, ultimately building up to the latest character release for Apex, Fuse.

“I was going for making [all Apex Legends characters] about as important with Revenant as an antihero with a long-standing arc,” TiesvanderTies said of the compilation that definitely sets up the Synthetic Nightmare as the ‘anime’ antagonist.

This is the exact kind of content we have come to expect from the Apex community who have shown to blend their favorite moments in the game with a bit of flair. Since being published online, the sequence has over 13k upvotes on Reddit and a nod of appreciation from a Respawn rep who came across the meticulously made feature video.

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“Not gonna lie, but I really like this,” Senior Respawn Tech Artist, Mike Cook, said of the creation. Throughout the years, the devs have been known to mix up their design direction on videos depending on which Legend is being featured, so an anime-styled content ‘trailer’ must be getting a lot of attention in the studio.

David Production fire force season 2 apex legendsDavid Production
The track used in the fanmade Apex Legends anime can be heard in Fire Force Season 2’s opening.

In the past, we’ve seen these fan-made clips go to extreme lengths to properly pay respects to their subject.

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One of the most polished passion projects has to be the Bloodhound CGI short from 2020, showing the Technological Tracker hunting their prey in Apex Games.

As Season 8 progresses, we can’t wait to see what else the Apex Legends fandom will create that are as clean as TiesvanderTies’ anime trailer.

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