F1 driver Yuki Tsunoda plays Apex Legends with iiTzTimmy on stream

iitztimmy f1 driver yuki tsunoda apex legends header imageRespawn Entertainment / iiTzTimmy / Yuki Tsunoda

Apex Legends content creator and former pro player iiTzTimmy has played the battle royale on stream with yet another celebrity: Professional Japanese F1 driver Yuki Tsunoda.

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has made a name for himself in the Apex Legends community not only for his incredibly impressive Pathfinder skills but for bringing mainstream celebrities on to play with him.

In February of 2022, Timmy brought Post Malone on stream to squad up in Apex Legends after hearing the famous artist talk about his love for the game in interviews.

Now, Timmy has brought on another celebrity – this time an international one – to play Apex Legends on stream: Professional Japanese F1 driver, Yuki Tsunoda.

iiTzTimmy streams Apex Legends with Yuki Tsunoda

IitzTimmy alongside Peacekeeper shotgun in Apex LegendsTwitch: iitzTimmy/Respawn
iiTzTimmy took on Tsunoda in a one-on-one fight using the Flatline and the Peacekeeper, where he got a first-hand look at Tsunoda’s impressive Apex skills.

The stream took place at 12:30 PST on both Timmy‘s Twitch channel and the ‘AlphaTauri‘ channel from Tsunoda’s perspective.

After the two joined up, they went straight to the Firing Range to warm up with Tsunoda almost immediately suggesting they fight one-on-one.

The duo each used the Flatline and Peacekeeper and Timmy was immediately impressed by Tsunoda’s skills saying “[w]ait this guy’s a gamer, hold up.”

Much to his surprise, Tsunoda managed a clean victory over Timmy in their first fight, smoothly dodging Timmy’s PK shots and downing him with the Flatline.

Though Timmy picks up wins on the next few fights, Tsunoda holds his own very well, confirming earlier that he managed to reach Diamond rank before his F1 season training began.

Following the warm-up the duo head into a match and easily secure a win after their first game on Olympus between banter about Tsunoda’s F1 career and Timmy’s thoughts on Apex.

All in all, the stream made for great content. It’s always great to see content creators branch out to pull celebrities into their sphere, especially international ones like Tsunoda.

Hopefully, iiTzTimmy continues to use his platform to introduce his audience to other cool personalities with a hobby for gaming like Tsunoda in the future.